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Joey Cabral, CDT, discusses the many implant options available from Sun Dental Labs

Suntech® Implant Abutments

Our Suntech® custom implant abutments are made of titanium grade 5 ELI (Extra-Low Interstitial). We guarantee our abutments for life. In order to accommodate the needs of each individual patient, our Suntech custom implant abutments provide optimal soft tissue contours; this will ensure an excellent emergence profile while providing optimal placement of the margin below the gingival crest. We also have the option of up to a 30-degree angle abutment for patients who have angulation issues with the placement of their implant, which will allow us to shape the custom abutment as needed depending on the location in the dental arch, so an implant placed in the molar region will be shaped as such. Sun Dental® is a digital lab. We have the ability to send digital images for approval before milling of the abutment if requested. We believe communication is key in achieving the best results for our customer and ultimately the patient.

A great alternative in the esthetic zone is a Suntech® hybrid custom abutment. This is a zirconia abutment custom-milled to fit on a titanium base and fabricated to be one piece. Suntech hybrid abutments work very well with our Suntech trans-lucent zirconia products, SunCeram® ST or SunCeram® HT, e-max®. It can also be made in the shade requested. Sun Dental Lab is compatible with many popular systems in use today such as Biomet 3i, Astra Tech, Nobel Biocare™, Zimmer, BioHorizons®, Straumann®, CAMLOG®, and many more. If there is an implant that is not in our library, we will order the proper abutment and prep it as needed for the restoration. This will allow for the best contour of the crown. We provide many choices that the restorative dentist can choose from after fabrication of the abutment.

If restorative dentists would like a screw-retained restoration, they will have the choice of many different restorative options such as porcelain to non-precious, porcelain to semi-precious, Suntech full-contour zirconia, Suntech Layered Zirconia, e-max pressed crown, or SunCeram 3D multilayered zirconia. Screw-retained provisional restorations allow for the creation of a seamless and cement-free transition from the head of the implant to the free gingiva margin. The screw-retained approach also allows for easy access and manipulation of the emergence profile should the need arise. Three components are needed to fabricate a screw-retained provisional restoration: abutment, clinical screw, and a provisional tooth shell.

We have found in some cases that a cement-retained restoration will provide optimal esthetic results when the direction of the access hole is to the buccal. Utilizing Sun Dental Labs for your custom abutment and restorative needs will also eliminate the need for stock abutment inventory. We accept traditional impressions with a transfer abutment, and we also accept digital submissions. Please contact us at Sun Dental Lab (, so we can supply you with the scan body for the library that we utilize. We also supply a full range of analogs.

Sun Dental Lab is a Certified Dental Laboratory. Our implant department is managed by an Implant-certified Dental Technician along with many other certified, qualified, and experienced technicians in other departments here to serve your technical needs.

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Joey Cabral, CDT, has over 30 years’ experience in dental technology, as well as a Certification in removable prosthodontics and a Certification in implant technology. He is the Implant Manager at Sun Dental Labs.

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