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Telemedicine marketing checklist: 10 things dentists should do

Marketer Rachael Sauceman discusses safe and effective marketing evolving after the COVID-19 crisis To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst for change across all industries is an understatement. Earlier this year, dental practices across the nation were struggling to maintain revenue while abiding by state regulations, as well as recommendations set forth …

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Medical billing for bone grafts, oral implants, and CBCT

Rose Nierman offers tips on beginning your medical-billing journey with the right tools Great news! Becoming a cross-coding office increases access to care. With assistance from medical insurance, many patients can move forward with needed treatment. Medical plans do not have the $1,000 yearly limits and frequency rules for exams and imaging that you see …

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Compromise is the difference between a good leader and a dictator

Editor’s intro Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir discusses how providing feedback and implementing positive corrective action can have a positive effect on your team and your stress level. Dr. Christopher Hoffpauir discusses insights into providing feedback to employees “You’re unhappy. I’m unhappy too. Have you heard of Henry Clay? He was the Great Compromiser. A good compromise …

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Your dental message — delivered

Editor’s intro Dental marketer, Jackie Raulerson, offers insights into crafting engaging articles. Getting your message delivered to your dental audience is key to expanding your reputation! Dental marketer, Jackie Raulerson, offers insights into crafting engaging articles for dental publications When you have some great cases and experiences and want to share your success with colleagues …

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Comfort, function, or beauty?

This is actually how we do it. I’m serious. We have mastered the soft skills in this area, and what we know is that when we use them and follow the systems in place, the patients will tell us exactly what they want. It’s up to us to know what to ask and when to ask — also, to learn that at that moment, the best thing to do is to zip our lips! Be empathetic, listen, and stay engaged because if you understand the subtle art of asking questions, your patients will have more significant outcomes, and so will you. After all, dental providers LOVE predictability. If you believe the studies that 93% of communication is nonverbal, then you’ll understand that it is not about asking yes-and-no questions like a robot in a medical office. It is about asking specific questions and observing — very carefully.

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IT companies and cybersecurity companies are not created equal

Ransomware is a type of malicious software or malware, that is designed to deny access to a computer system and/or data until a ransom is paid. An entirely new class of ransomware is being deployed by cybercriminals that encrypts your data, steals your patient records, and creates a “backdoor” for a future attack. It is typically spread through phishing emails, attachments, infected websites, or through hackers injecting it into your network. It is important to understand that for ransomware to hold you hostage, there must be existing software or network vulnerabilities in your system. In our experience, these vulnerabilities have been present in every dental practice due to the fact that IT companies do not have the technology or credentials to properly identify these risks.

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The invisible dental implant patient

Editor’s intro: Read about Dr. Levin’s strategies to help identify potential patients and excite, energize, and motivate them to choose implant treatment.  Dr. Roger P. Levin answers some questions that can help to expand an implant practice Question: How can I identify more potential implant patients for my practice? Answer: There probably aren’t many people who haven’t …

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