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Silent partners cut your implant bill in half, or your competitors’

Chip Fichtner discusses how to build a strategy for growing your practice Larger practices still have the opportunity to sell part of their practice at an unbelievable value to a silent partner — an Invisible Dental Support Organization (IDSO). Large Practice Sales (LPS) will complete over $400 million of these transactions in 2020 for doctors …

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Stress-free dentistry delivered

Zimmer Biomet Dental introduces SmileZ Today™ Box Over the last decade, the field of implant dentistry has embraced a rapid adoption of digital technologies. Innovations in imaging systems, CAD/CAM software, guided surgery, 3D printing, and patient-specific restorations offer alternatives to traditional techniques to enable more practice and workflow efficiencies and to improve overall patients’ experiences …

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Silent partners are still investing in great practices

Chip Fichtner offers a plan to help practices grow more profitably Invisible Dental Support Organizations (IDSO) purchase part, but not all, of a practice for cash now, even during COVID-19. Doctors retain ownership and continue to lead their practice under the doctor’s brand, team, and strategy for years or decades. Today, more than ever, a …

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Boyd Industries

Dependability, Respect, and Loyalty to our dental specialist community “Built to Last. Built for You. Built by Boyd” is more than a tagline; it signifies the commitment that everyone at Boyd makes to each and every one of our customers. As COVID-19 disrupts life and business worldwide, Boyd Industries stands by our core values of …

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Cut the risk with guided surgery using 3Shape implant solutions

Editor’s intro Dr. Sonia Leziy explains how she is reducing risks, eliminating stress, and more efficiently developing her implant treatment plan with guided surgery. Read about how she uses her TRIOS scan and CBCT to move her practice forward. Dr. Sonia Leziy discusses the merits of guided surgery Over the past 3 years, your view …

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What are we?

In 2014, ALPHAEON CREDIT began delivering on our promise to help doctors help more patients by providing an improved patient-financing solution. Initially, we worked solely with plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, and dermatologists. In 2019, due to patient demand, we began offering our program to dentists as well.

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