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See how Zimmer Biomet retains its reputation for being an innovator in implant dentistry — check out the SmileZ Today™ Box.

Zimmer Biomet Dental introduces SmileZ Today™ Box

Over the last decade, the field of implant dentistry has embraced a rapid adoption of digital technologies. Innovations in imaging systems, CAD/CAM software, guided surgery, 3D printing, and patient-specific restorations offer alternatives to traditional techniques to enable more practice and workflow efficiencies and to improve overall patients’ experiences and outcomes.

SmileZ Today™ Box

Since pioneering the first 3-in-1 healing abutment, impression coping, and scan body in 2004, Zimmer Biomet Dental has been a front-runner in advancing digital dentistry. Recently, the company introduced a number of significant contributions in this area through industry partnerships and new product development.

3-in-1 BellaTek® Encode® Healing Abutment
Surgery-ready provisional
Surgical guide

“We anticipate the market’s demand for digital technology will only increase because it simplifies implant dentistry and reduces chair time while improving outcomes,” said Indraneel Kanaglekar, vice president and general manager at Zimmer Biomet Dental. “Zimmer Biomet Dental is focused on delivering end-to-end solutions that are backed by science and clinical evidence to support the future of implant therapy.”

Virtual implant planning

Earlier this year, the company began offering guided surgical services and solutions powered by San Antonio-based company Implant Concierge. Since its beginnings in 2006, Implant Concierge’s Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™ has assisted thousands of dentists with their CAD/CAM surgical guide needs — from simple to complex cases — by acting as a Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator™.  Services include a proprietary, web-based platform that synchronizes and simplifies the digital implant workflow using a centralized, HIPAA-compliant tool to communicate, streamline, and coordinate guided implant surgical services. The platform offers fully automated, patient-specific workflows with real-time updates on a patient’s case with an accurate financial summary in minutes.

iTero 5D Intraoral Scanner

In September 2020, Zimmer Biomet Dental and Implant Concierge teamed up to launch the SmileZ Today™ Box, which integrates the clinical benefits of guided surgery with the goal of improved esthetics. Leveraging the Implant Concierge guided platform with Zimmer Biomet Dental’s suite of implant therapy solutions, this new offering provides clinicians with everything needed for a guided single-unit implant case together in one compact and organized package. A fully customizable, patient-specific box is available for Zimmer Biomet Dental’s Certain® Internal and External Hex Connections and the TSV® and Trabecular Metal™ Implant Systems.

Certain® BellaTek® Flex Abutment (left), Puros® Ci Particulate Allograft (right).

How does it work? The Implant Concierge portal provides clinicians with an intuitive, simplified ordering procedure with one-stop shop ordering. There is no need to inventory components or spend valuable time looking through a catalog to decipher which products to order. Clinicians can choose to include the following products inside the box: dental implant, 3-in-1 BellaTek® Encode® Healing Abutment, a surgery-ready provisional, surgical guide, surgical protocol, BellaChek® Coupon for a definitive BellaTek Abutment, and a 3D-printed model based on a patient’s individual needs.

“This case-in-a-box concept, like Zimmer Biomet’s other leading digital dentistry technologies, is really about streamlining and optimizing the customer and patient experience,” said Nan Meehan, Zimmer Biomet Dental’s General Manager for North America. “It allows our customers to purchase only what they need and tailor it to each patient.”

Surgery-ready provisionals, which are available as a custom tissue former similar to an anatomical healing abutment or an esthetic tooth for cases with high esthetic demands, improve efficiency and allow surgeons to provide this value-added service to the restorative clinician. Delivery times for the box are fast and predictable, so clinicians can have confidence that they will receive their case on time and be ready for their patients.

Additionally, the SmileZ Today Box reduces chair time for both the implant placer and the patient, which is especially important during the pandemic. It is also minimally invasive and enables same-day teeth, creating an experience that may increase patient acceptance and confidence as well as potentially improve outcomes.

The SmileZ Today Box is a complementary addition to the armamentarium of digital solutions that Zimmer Biomet Dental offers. Other innovations include unrivaled flexibility with the Certain BellaTek Flex Abutment, which provides a unique 12 mm post for cases that demand taller heights with greater surface for bonding to the crown, and the launch of iTero 5D Intraoral Scanners through the company’s partnership with Align Technology. The new 5D is one of several iTero scanner models that Zimmer Biomet distributes directly through its sales force.

In addition to its growth in digital offerings, Zimmer Biomet Dental maintains strength in the breadth of a diverse biomaterials portfolio. Most recently, it expanded with Puros® Ci Particulate Allograft, a bone graft substitute now available in the United States. ​

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This information was provided by Zimmer Biomet Dental.

The SmileZ Today™ Box is just the latest of Zimmer Biomet’s exceptional implant ideas. Read more about the company in their profile:

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