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Responsive, personalized service and commitment to exceptional implant outcomes are a great part of Zimmer Biomet Dental’s commitment to finding solutions for clinician’s individual needs.

Zimmer Biomet Dental

Zimmer Biomet Dental offers dental professionals the kind of premium service and quality rarely found in today’s world of dentistry. As a leader in implant and restorative dentistry solutions, the company is committed to helping clinicians achieve exceptional outcomes for their patients by providing state-of-the-art solutions, world-class educational opportunities, and responsive, personalized service. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of products includes surgical solutions, regenerative materials for both hard- and soft-tissue applications, versatile prosthetic components for all types of implant restorations, and end-to-end digital dentistry solutions tailored for individual clinician’s needs.

Zimmer Biomet Dental is a division of Zimmer Biomet, one of the largest musculo-skeletal companies in the world. The Dental division is headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with manufacturing facilities around the globe that produce treatment solutions for clinicians worldwide.

A market leader in regenerative solutions

The company has partnered with a number of well-known regenerative-focused companies to become a market leader in the regenerative space. They offer an extensive breadth of biomaterials for hard- and soft-tissue regeneration that includes allografts, xenografts, and synthetic bone substitutes; collagen barrier membranes; dental wound dressings; and a variety of surgical procedure kits. Among these solutions is the Puros® family of allografts, the No. 1 allograft in the North American dental market for rapid tissue regeneration. Puros allografts are processed using the proprietary Tutoplast® process, which has been successfully used for over 50 years to ensure the highest standard of tissue quality.

The most recent addition to the company’s regenerative portfolio is a new line of non-resorbable membranes and sutures. The OsseoGuard® non-resorbable product line includes dense PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membranes in reinforced and non-reinforced variants, as well as a titanium mesh and PTFE sutures. OsseoGuard membranes are specifically engineered to eliminate bacterial infiltration into the surgical site while preventing tissue from growing into the bone cavity.

“Zimmer Biomet Dental is very excited to provide advanced barrier membranes and sutures to our customers for ridge augmentation and other relevant procedures,” said Indraneel Kanaglekar, Vice President and General Manager, Zimmer Biomet Dental. “As a market leader in dental regenerative solutions, it is important that we keep diversifying and growing our available solutions in order to address the specific needs and preferences of clinicians.”

Two new procedure kits specifically intended for sinus lift (crestal and lateral approach) procedures were also recently introduced into the portfolio.

Intraoral scanners help patients visualize their potential new smiles and feel more engaged about their treatment

Staying competitive in the digital age

Digital dentistry is more than a trend. It is becoming a standard of care for dental practices and laboratories in order to develop workflow efficiency, simplify implant dentistry, increase accuracy, and improve patient outcomes.

Zimmer Biomet Dental was ahead of this curve when they pioneered the BellaTek® Encode® Impression System over a decade ago. Recently, the company has been busy expanding its global footprint in the rapidly growing market for digital restorative dentistry solutions with the goal of delivering end-to-end digital solutions. This includes investing in technology and creating partnerships to better meet the increasing market demands. The company’s digital armamentarium includes solutions ranging from intraoral scanning technology to open architecture CAD/CAM systems and patient-specific abutments.

In October 2019, Zimmer Biomet Dental launched a family of new products and solutions into its BellaTek portfolio.

Certain® BellaTek Express and Certain BellaTek Flex Abutments are TiBase-type solutions for cement- or screw-retained applications with an angled screw access channel for better accessibility and improved esthetics. These new products offer efficiency to a CAD/CAM single- or multi-unit implant restorative workflow with the flexibility of adjusting the abutment at four different heights for better crown adhesion, and added strength with thicker abutment walls on wider implant platforms diameters.

Certain and External Hex Digital Analogs are newly designed and manufactured with laser precision to accurately replicate implant placement in a 3D-printed model or a stone model.

Carbon 3D printers, with a reputation for innovation, precision, and accuracy, were added to the BellaTek production facility. By incorporating this technology, Zimmer Biomet Dental can provide their dental lab customers with a fully digital workflow by taking a laboratory’s scan or stone model, designing and printing a 3D model, and shipping back the model with a digital analog placed, along with a Certain BellaTek Abutment, Express, or Flex Abutment.

In September 2019, the company also announced exciting news of a multinational distribution agreement with Align Technology Inc. for the award-winning iTero® Element family of intraoral scanners. Align is known worldwide for the Invisalign® system, the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, and iTero intraoral scanners and services. The agreement expanded distribution of iTero from Europe to the US, Canada, and Japan.

“Zimmer Biomet is committed to offering best-in-class solutions and technology tailored to dental professionals’ needs, and this partnership with Align Technology to complement our portfolio of fully digital solutions is another important step in that direction,” said Pedro Malha, President, Zimmer Biomet Dental and CMF&T.

Together, the iTero Element scanner family and Zimmer Biomet’s dental solutions will deliver multiple digital workflows for dental professionals and laboratories, enabling efficient business-to-business collaboration and offering patients an optimal treatment experience.

“We are excited to be partnering with Zimmer Biomet to demonstrate our companies’ commitment to supporting dental professionals on their journey to digital dentistry,” said Yuval Shaked, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, iTero Scanner and Services.

Zimmer Biomet’s Complimentary Dental Education App

Strong commitment to education

A key differentiator in the evolution to a digital practice and dental ecosystem is clinical education. Through this partnership, the iTero scanner becomes the preferred intraoral scanner used in the U.S. and European Zimmer Biomet Institutes, which train thousands of dental professionals annually in an interactive learning environment with the ultimate goal of improved clinical outcomes. Having digital technologies as commonplace in training facilities will accelerate learning, increase confidence, and broaden adoption for clinicians interested in digital workflows.

Medical education as a whole remains an extremely important part of Zimmer Biomet’s global business.

Zimmer Biomet prides itself on offering education in multiple learning platforms that cater to individual learning styles, convenience, and accessibility while focusing on current and emerging topics in implant and restorative dentistry. The company is not just advancing digital dentistry; it is advancing digital training through digital education platforms. Recently, the company launched an education application that includes prerecorded lectures, live webcasts, technique videos, registration portals for Zimmer Biomet Institute courses, and product information and resources.

“As everything in our lives becomes more digital, education is being consumed via various digital platforms,” Kanaglekar says. “Personally, when I need to work on something in my home, I watch instructional videos on YouTube. Similarly, if a dentist wants to learn about our products (i.e., the features, how to use them clinically, and the science behind them), we want that information to be available at their fingertips.”

In addition to virtual learning, dental professionals can visit one of six Zimmer Biomet Institutes around the world for didactic and hands-on workshops on diverse treatment topics for varying skill levels. Flagship USA institutes in Carlsbad, California, and Parsippany, New Jersey, feature state-of-the-art, proprietary Simulated Patient Training Laboratories for clinicians to learn surgical and restorative techniques. The New Jersey facility also has a cadaver laboratory.

Also offered through Zimmer Biomet Institute is the Zimmer Biomet Institute PathwayZ™ Series, which offer two unique educational program formats — zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series and zbipathwayZ LIVE Group Series. The zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series begins with an introduction to implant therapy to start restorative clinicians on the road to competency with theory, knowledge acquisition, and technique review, followed by skill development at Zimmer Biomet Institute. Launched last year, Series 2 of the zbipathwayZ Self-Study Series is focused on Full Arch Therapy, and Series 3 is an Introduction to Regeneration with an emphasis on socket preservation for restorative clinicians.

The local, regionally based zbipathwayZ LIVE Group Series offers interactive education and comprehensive training led by an experienced thought leader in implant restorative dentistry. The program focuses on patient education and identification of candidates for implant therapy, through diagnosis, treatment planning, and fabrication of provisional restorations through definitive restorations.

Visit www.zimmerbiometdental.com to learn more about Zimmer Biomet Dental’s solutions and upcoming educational opportunities.

Contact Zimmer Biomet Dental for references to all claims.

This information was provided by Zimmer Biomet Dental.

Zimmer Biomet Institute’s Simulated Patient Training Laboratory in New Jersey

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