ULT™ — The Ultimate™ Implant by Ditron Dental USA

Ditron Dental USA brings precision and high-quality manufacturing to dental implants with ULT — The Ultimate Implant.

An implant system that checks all the boxes

Founded by Brånemark award-winning oral surgeon, Dr. Ole T. Jensen, Ditron Dental USA is a dental implant company guided by a Clinical Advisory Board comprised of dental leaders. Ditron’s roots date back more than a half-century, when Ditron Precision Ltd, a precision machining world leader, and the parent company for Ditron Dental and Ditron Dental USA, was founded to supply components for the aerospace and automotive industries, where failure is not an option. Today, engineers, micro-machining specialists, and top-notch clinicians drive the company’s research, development, and production of high-end dental implant-based solutions. Ditron Dental USA’s strong legacy of precision and relentless pursuit of innovation is behind its flagship product, ULT™ — The Ultimate Implant.

The Ultimate Implant was designed by legendary implant pioneer, the late Dr. Matteo Danza. He spent years searching for a manufacturer with the capabilities to fulfill his vision. Once he learned of Ditron’s ability to manufacture to tolerances of less than three microns, he knew he had found his solution. In 2020 Dr. Jensen introduced this exciting technology to America.

“When I was introduced to Ditron Dental USA, I was amazed to see that this company had checked all the boxes necessary for an extraordinary implant system.” Said Dr. Wayne R. Harrison, clinical advisor for Ditron Dental USA.

According to Dr. Harrison, attention to detail is the hallmark of a great implant company. Clinicians looking for an implant with greater initial stability for immediate load will find it with the ULT.

The ULT’s distinctive benefits include:

MolecuLock™ Technology

Ditron’s precision and high-quality manufacturing ensures a tight implant-abutment connection, reducing the risks of micromovements under mechanical load that can lead to microbial leakage and implant failure. The tight fit also protects crestal bone and soft tissue from the risks of peri-implant disease.

Dr. Harrison says, “Form follows function. With this molecular precision, under the most adverse mechanical loads, you can reduce the chances of screw loosening, microgap and microleakage, and therefore mitigate the factors that lead to peri-implant disease.”

Reverse Concave Neck (RCN)

Dr. Danza sought to create a dental implant-abutment connection that leaves a constant horizontal progressive space that prevents coronal bone resorption and promotes soft-tissue growth, a concept known as platform bone switching. The Reverse Concave Neck (RCN) with micro-threads creates an atraumatic dental implant-to-bone contact that resists axial loads. This decreases the pressure on the cortical bone while avoiding vascular compression that preserves the peri-implant marginal bone and soft tissue.

Double-Stressless Sharp Threads (DSST)

The threads with the concave profile have an apical-coronal incremental thickness. DSST combined with the descending concave profile between the threads generates a gentle and progressive horizontal and vertical bone compaction that preserves the vascularity of the osteotomy, maintains the peri-implant marginal bone and soft tissue, and enables greater initial stability for immediate load.

Dr. Harrison says that helical apico-coronal slots serve an important function when placing the implant in the osteotomy. Instead of producing a plunger effect that pushes all the blood and bone to the bottom of the osteotomy, the ULT slots allow the blood and bone fragments in the osteotomy to wash up the side of the implant.

One-Size Platform

All implant sizes share a common platform, providing convenience, ease of use, and less inventory. This is one of ULT implant’s most popular features — and unique to Ditron Dental USA. ULT comes in a single 2.45 mm platform regardless of the diameter of the implant. The common platform simplifies the restorative process.

Dr. Harrison adds, “The ULT implant is a comprehensive restorative solution with fewer parts and pieces. The one-size platform means you don’t need to choose between narrow, regular, or wide platforms. Instrumentation also is simplified. There is a single implant insertion driver and single abutment driver. No more confusing choices.”

Surface Integrity

Ditron Dental USA’s advanced quality assurance system has resulted in the product’s performance of zero defects per million parts in a NAMSA study*. This phenomenal recorded performance is verifiable and sustained. Dr. Harrison notes, “The quality and inspection in the Ditron Dental USA manufacturing process is pristine. Their attention to detail is off the charts.”

Schedule a private virtual consultation with Dr. Wayne R. Harrison at ditrondentalusa.com to learn more.



*Data on file

This information was provided by Ditron Dental USA.

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