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Editor’s intro: MedMark Media’s Publisher Lisa Moler shows how Shaquille O’Neal’s philosophy for reaching out and helping people can translate to the path to fulfillment for an implant practice. 
Lisa Moler Founder/Publisher, MedMark Media

Recently, I had the exciting experience of interviewing Shaquille O’Neal for our publications. Shaq’s sleep (and health) have been impacted over the years by his sleep apnea, and our discussion primarily focused on his journey to finding a solution. Fortunately, we also had time to delve into his philosophy of life, his path to fulfillment, and future goals. Two of his basic tenets of life resonated with me, so much so that I wanted to share them with you in this issue’s message.

First, Shaq noted that one of his favorite quotes is from Dwight D. Eisenhower, a former U.S. president and five-star general: “The greatest leaders are the ones smart enough to hire people smarter than them.” How true. While you bring the clinical knowledge to the practice, surrounding yourself with the best and the brightest opens up your world to ideas, insights, and talents beyond your own in other important areas. Thankfully, we have done that with the team at MedMark Media, and recommend that our readers should also take advantage of all of the experienced people who can expand your practice’s management, clerical, social media, and even clinical options in this very competitive specialty.

Second, Shaq developed his life’s mission from another concept that he learned from his mother. He had given her some material gifts, to which she responded, “‘I don’t want these, Baby; I love you very much. What have you done to brighten up someone else’s day?” This reinforced what we try to practice every day. We know that taking care of business is our daily focus, but we also need to focus on taking care of others — and what better way than changing lives through our life’s calling! For me, it is improving dentists’ and patients’ health through bringing to light the important concepts and breakthroughs of our profession through our authors and advisors. You can expand patient care possibilities through CEs, our articles, webinars, DocTalk Dental videos, or any of the many educational options available in this quickly changing dental industry. While you’re at it, let your patients know how your practice is capable of changing or improving their lives! Use your social media, smartphones, and websites to spread the word.

We’d like to spread the word about a few articles in our Fall issue of Implant Practice US. Dr. Rory McEnhill gives a patient something to smile about after providing an implant restoration with outstanding long-term esthetics. Reviewing this patient’s soft tissue profile and tooth symmetry was satisfying after the challenging process leading to this implant-borne restoration. In their CE, Drs. Muhammed H. Abram and André van Zyl share their complex procedure where esthetics, function, and phonetics were restored for a patient who experienced major facial trauma. Dr. George A. Mandelaris contributes to our technology column with his article on CBCT as an interdisciplinary treatment-planning platform. And Dr. Cary A. Shapoff shares two treatment plans involving the establishment of a physical, connective tissue attachment to the surface of the Laser-Lok® implant.

While my interview with Shaq mainly focused on his nighttime sleep, we ended up discussing how to make every day count — a topic which always is our goal for all of you and your teams.

To your best success!

Lisa Moler


MedMark Media

Shaquille O’Neal ‘s philosophy on helping others is a great way to connect with your patients. Read Dr. Joel Small’s article “Five powerful leadership and culture-building statements” to find out how to build teamwork within your growing practice.

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