Robert J. Mikhli, DDS

Expanding patients’ access to implant dentistry with the gift of knowledge

Robert J. Mikhli, DDS
Learning is a significant part of expanding a dentist’s clinical skill set, but it is only one element of what is required. Refining the skill to perform dental surgery on patients calls for additional training and hands-on practice. For general dentists, taking the time to hone surgery skills pulls them away from their practice for an extended period to travel and attend lectures.

Top-rated New York dentist, Robert J. Mikhli, DDS, spent years studying to excel in placing dental implants. After earning his B.A. from Yeshiva University, he earned his dental degree from Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, followed by a residency in general practice dentistry at New York Hospital of Queens, and then a fellowship in oral and maxillofacial and implantology also at New York Hospital of Queens.

Through his experience, he has been praised for his remarkable ability to put patients at ease, especially those who avoided the dentist for many years. He frequently shares with aspiring dentists what he has learned and realized his dream was to combine his passions of dental surgery and teaching for the betterment of the patient.

Recognizing a patient’s need

Typically, when a patient needs dental implants, he/she is already seeing a general dental practitioner and is recommended to a specialist to perform the implant surgery.

While a general dentist does not have to be a specialist to perform implant surgery, it is recommended that the dentist trains and practices these advanced procedures to have the skill set equivalent to a specialist.

“Most implant courses require days of lectures and practicing on plastic jaws. Others require travel overseas where implants are placed in rapid succession,” Dr. Mikhli said. “Many colleagues told me they still lacked the knowledge and confidence to place implants when they return to their practices.”

Based on feedback from colleagues, the courses needed a different approach to show dentists how to be effective with implant surgery. Dr. Mikhli thought that, for the right situation, if a patient had the option to stay with his/her dentist for all procedures, it could provide the patient greater access to care and a higher level of comfort and trust with a familiar practitioner. This gave him the idea to develop the concept for the INplant Surgical Mentorship Program for general dentists.

Teaching atraumatic tooth extraction and implant placement on an ovine jaw

The benefits of mentoring

The INplant Surgical Mentorship Program combines teaching and hands-on mentorship with two live courses and added in-office mentoring sessions. Dr. Mikhli uses a 3D printer to print surgical guides for practitioners to develop proficiency in surgical procedures.

“The didactic portion gives the practitioner the necessary biological basis for predictable clinical outcomes. But the chair-side mentorship — in your own office with your staff — is what gives the confidence necessary to actualize the skills gained into everyday practice,” Dr. Mikhli said.

Along with teaching the proper techniques, dentists will recognize the various levels of treatment difficulty and differentiate between standard and more complex cases.

Dr. Mikhli has never been concerned about creating more competition in the New York dental industry because for him, this program is about what it will do for the patient.

“This mentorship provides expanded access to dental surgery for thousands of patients. Once properly trained and in the right situations, an implant placement can be easier, more profitable, and certainly more fun than an MOD composite.” Dr. Mikhli added.

The program provides 24 continuing education (CE) credits. If you would like to register for the INplant Surgical Mentorship Program, please visit

This information was provided by Karl Schumacher Dental.

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