Flexible field of view and AI-powered efficiencies enhance diagnostic confidence

Dr. Joe Mehranfar explains how the DEXIS OP 3D LX CBCT system helps him to make the correct diagnosis for the best possible prognosis.

Dr. Joe Mehranfar discusses his favorite features of the new DEXIS OP 3D LX

Over the course of my 19-plus years career, I’ve placed over 10,000 implants and over 1,000 full arches. Behind every one of those surgeries is a patient, and behind every patient, there must be a plan. My priority is to make the correct diagnosis the first time around so that we can create the appropriate treatment plan to give our patients the best possible prognosis.

Cone beam technology is our most powerful tool in achieving this goal, and my CBCT technology of choice has long been the DEXIS ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D™. Recently, I had the opportunity to add a third OP 3D machine to our practice: the new OP 3D LX. This addition has increased our diagnostic confidence and workflow efficiencies even more.

FOV flexibility expands the possibilities

In my implant practice, we typically need to review larger areas like the sinuses, maxilla, mandible, airway, and ostiomeatal complex. The OP 3D LX offers a 15×20 maxillofacial complex, the largest field of view (FOV) yet from this series, that captures an expansive diagnostic area with a single scan. This saves my team the time needed to stitch together multiple images, while also ensuring no data is lost to stitching. Fewer scans also mean less radiation exposure and chair time for patients, which they certainly appreciate.

This large field of view is particularly useful for post-surgical diagnostic and treatment planning. But the OP 3D LX also provides 12×15 and 10×10 FOV options that allow you to focus on a particular area with greater clarity and detail. This flexibility is particularly beneficial post-surgery, allowing us to find any potential issues and ensure the treatment is going according to plan.

Along with over 96 customizable FOV options and four resolutions, the OP 3D LX can be easily configured to take panoramic, cephalometric, 2D and 3D images of the craniomaxillofacial complex including the ear, nose, throat, TMJ, and airway regions. This exceptional versatility makes the OP 3D LX machine ideal not only for oral surgery, but for a wide range of practices including endodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, oral radiologists, and general practitioners.

AI-powered efficiencies drive digital workflow

In addition to its flexibility, my team also appreciates the supreme ease of use, intuitiveness, and digital workflow efficiencies of the OP 3D LX. Because the machine integrates smoothly with DTX Studio™ Clinic software, my team can take advantage of the software’s AI-enabled features that automate a wide range of previously time-consuming and labor-intensive manual tasks. A large percentage of our patient population is at the end stage of tooth disease. Using the OP 3D LX with DTX Studio Clinic integration, we’re able to automate the annotation of mandibular nerve canals for greater accuracy, efficiency, and confidence in treating these patients. The 2D AI-findings capabilities will assist in visualization of decay, bone loss, and periapical pathologies. This will aid in proper diagnosis and treatment planning which in return will aid in better long-term prognosis for our patients.

My team additionally leverages DTX Studio’s MagicAssist™ with AI-assisted auto set-up of 3D X-rays. This feature makes it much easier and faster for us to find and review carious lesions, signs of periodontal disease, and other abnormalities for treatment planning. These automated efficiencies allow my team to spend more time interacting with patients instead of a screen, managing and manipulating images.

Better visibility makes for better planning

Our OP 3D machines have always delivered the consistently high-quality images we need to diagnose and treat patients with confidence. Our new OP 3D LX machine offers several enhancements that take that image quality to the next level. These include new implant planning tools that increase the visibility of internal metal structures and existing implants and a noise-reduction filter that minimizes artifacts for clear images. The machine also features a new patient head support that enables us to stabilize the patient and scan without interfering with the patient’s soft tissue profile.

Powering your practice productivity

In the past year alone, my practice completed over 4,000 scans in our consult room and over 2,000 in our surgery room using our OP 3D machines. With the addition of our OP 3D LX, we fully expect to significantly exceed those numbers. For any practice seeking a flexible, versatile, and intuitive CBCT machine that will drive the efficiency of your digital workflow, support your practice productivity, and increase your diagnostic confidence, I highly recommend the OP 3D LX. Your team as well as your patients will thank you.


ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ OP 3D™ is a trademark of PaloDEx Group Oy. DTX Studio™ Clinic is a trademark of Nobel Biocare. All Rights Reserved.

This article was provided by DEXIS.

When using the DEXIS OP 3D LX or any 3D imaging, it’s important to know the guidelines. Read Dr. Johan Hartshorne’s overview of the scientific literature and exploration into CBCT for implant therapy. https://implantpracticeus.com/ce-articles/essential-guidelines-for-using-cbct-in-implant-dentistry-clinical-considerations-part-3/

Joe Mehranfar, DMD, MS, received a BS in biology and a master’s degree in microbiology and in environmental science from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. Dr. Mehranfar started his passion for dental implants in 2002 when he was a second-year dental student at Temple University School of Dentistry. He would travel to his dental instructor’s practice to watch and learn more about dental implants. While in dental school, he also attended a dental implant training course at UCLA. This fueled his love for dental implants.

Dr. Mehranfar was the director of dental implant education at the Brighterway Clinic in Phoenix. Today, he is Clinical Director at Dental Hearts which specializes in helping the over 400,000 veterans in Arizona and those that have trouble affording conventional dental implant fees. Also, he is Clinical Director at Implant Education Company which trains U.S. licensed dentists on live implant surgery.

Dr. Mehranfar was formerly an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Glendale and A. T. Still University School of Dentistry and Oral Health in Mesa. Dr. Mehranfar was awarded a Mastership from the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Implant Prosthodontics. Dr. Mehranfar is Chairperson-Elect of the implant division of the American Dental Education Association and a recipient of their Pierre Fauchard Award for excellence. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Arizona Dental Society.

Dr. Mehranfar has placed over 10,000 implants and mentored hundreds of U.S. licensed dentists on dental implant surgery. Dr. Mehranfar’s practice extends to general dental offices throughout Phoenix, where he performs implant surgery for individual dentists. His own practice in Phoenix is limited to surgical and prosthodontic implant treatment.

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