ON THE HORIZON: Digital workflow, a guide to perfection

Dr. Justin Moody discusses how digital technology creates a smoother implant process

In today’s implant dentistry, we can’t just be good; we have to strive to be perfect, especially in the esthetic zone. Digital imaging and impressions along with treatment planning software have the digital workflow refined to save time while giving the clinician the peace of mind that the placement will be as close to ideal as possible.

When I first started down this dental implant path, cone beam CT was expensive and rare, digital impressions were struggling to make a single tooth crown, and the treatment planning software was nonexistent. Now, here I am today talking about how this can all be done efficiently and effectively, literally in a matter of minutes. It is so important to be able to gather all the necessary information in one visit, treatment plan the case, and gain case acceptance in one visit while scheduling the surgery in that same visit.

Let me guide you through the workflow for a dental implant case in today’s digital office.

The patient comes in for a consultation regarding missing teeth Nos. 8 and 10, and a cone beam 3D image is taken with my i-CAT® FLX (Imaging Sciences International). An advantage to this unit is its QuickScan+ setting that allows for a full-dentition 3D scan at a lower dose than a panoramic image. In a matter of minutes, I can open Tx STUDIO designed by Anatomage, treatment plan the case, and present my recommendation to the patient for case acceptance. After the patient says “yes” to treatment, I will use my 3Shape TRIOS® Color scanner to take a full arch impression. Developing a surgical guide that is tooth-borne is literally a matter of clicks at this point using Anatomodel by Anatomage. Then I fill out the form, upload the treatment planning file from Tx STUDIO, upload the DICOM i-CAT image, upload the STL file from the digital impression, and click submit. My surgical guide is in my hands in a matter of days.

BioHorizons® has developed, in my opinion, the most user-friendly, fully guided surgical kit on the market today. Seamless integration with Anatomage for the guide and the Tapered Plus platform switched dental implant with Laser-Lok® gives me the absolute best chance for perfection both surgically and prosthetically. Today’s technology is truly time-saving through increased efficiency, making our practices more profitable and, most important, giving us the ability to provide better care for our patients — that is what is truly important.

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