New You Smile (NYS) full mouth dental implant restorative system to launch in China

At Ossotanium headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, MedMark General Manager, Adrienne Good, met with dental professionals and representatives from Angel Dentistry in China to watch a live full mouth implant restoration performed by Dr. Li Luo Skelton and partner Dr. Luis Galvan from New You Smile Center® in San Antonio, Texas, using an innovative new material. The patient, Dianna Lamb, is Adrienne’s mother, a denture wearer who never wore her bottom denture because she had very little bone to enable it to fit properly. In this interview, Adrienne delves into the development of this new material, Ultra OralStone™ by Nouvelle Ere, a breakthrough implant-optimized dental prosthesis. This material, which combines shock-absorbing strength, nano-resin hardness, affordability, ease, and flexibility of design, enables the possibility of creating dental fixtures from affordable implant dentures to high-end, full mouth, implant-based smile makeovers. This material’s highly anticipated launch in China is expected to revolutionize the field of dentistry worldwide.


  • Mr. Shijun Li – President, CEO Angel Dentistry
  • Tao Xu, DMD, PhD – Professor and former Dean of Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology
  • Li Luo Skelton, DDS – Owner of New You Smile

Adrienne Good (AG): Dr. Xu, as a Professor and former Dean of Peking University School and Hospital of Stomatology, can you offer some background on why this new material is important and insight into its launch in China?

Dr. Tao Xu: China’s economic growth has increased demand for oral health services and quality of life. However, there is a shortage of dental services due to the ratio of dental professionals to the large population. As the aging population gradually grows in the country, based on the third oral health epidemiological survey in China in 2005, there are still a lot of treatment requirements for seniors — for the estimated 98.4% who suffer with caries, for the 68% who experience periodontal conditions resulting in bleeding, for the 88.7% with calculus, and AL > 4 mm at 71%. The need for treatment of the edentulous jaw was also found in both adult and senior populations. While increasing services for these needs could improve the situation, application of new technology would also help improve the outcome of treatment. Dental professionals should continue seeking the best possible approach to serve the patients and the society for a better quality of life.


AngelDental1AG: What is the global trend in dentistry?

Mr. Shijun Li (SL): there are three main components:

  1. Prevention
  2. Patients demanding better treatment due to advanced technology
  3. Both therapeutic and esthetic benefits

AG: What is your vision of the future of dentistry?

SL: The implant market has moved to a new era in advancement and technology making it the “era of the lifetime total makeover with or combined with dental implants.” Research demonstrates that more people are in need of full mouth implant rehabilitation instead of just one or two implant placements.
Full mouth restoration is beneficial to the following types of patients:

  • Patients who have missing teeth
  • Patients who suffer from periodontal disease
  • Patients who have suffered traumatic injuries or accidents
    Patients who aim to improve their appearance
  • Patients who suffer from skeletal malocclusion
    The inadequacies of current technology have created a vacuum effect in which patients are left without access to quality care, increasing demand for materials optimized for full mouth restoration. There are issues that prevent catering to these patients with current technology. Materials available on the market have not been able to satisfy explosive demands, creating a “bottleneck,” which is further aggravated by our ever-growing and aging population.

AG: What has your company done to innovate in this area?

SL: The challenge of full mouth restoration is that most implant-supported prostheses made with acrylic are too brittle and can break easily. In dealing with precious metals for a crown, the costs can quickly become very expensive, and it is difficult for lab technicians to manipulate these materials. Another downside is that these materials provide no stress relief for the underlying bone.
Angel Dental has made an effort to introduce a full mouth implant restoration system to overcome the challenges identified previously. The material in the new implant system is flexible enough to ensure that it reduces direct pressure on the implants and the bone while being of exceptional strength and durability, eliminating the need for metal substructure. This new material has a longer longevity and greater overall strength compared to existing materials while at the same time restoring function to the patient’s smile and reducing the chances for further bone loss down the road.

AG: I know that you have had many years of experience in dental management, and that the material is approved by the FDA. Dr. Li Skelton has been placing this material in patients in her San Antonio practice for over 2 years, and her patients are very satisfied. Tell me more about your experience working with Dr. Skelton and future plans.

SL: As the CEO of China Angel Dental, I have personally followed up with results and patients post-surgery. I think it is the right time to introduce this full restoration implant system. Its unique features have significantly improved the industry, and some may say it is a clinical and technical revolution! As dental leaders, we decided to collaborate with the inventor of Ultra OralStone™, Dr. Li Skelton, to build a new company, Wisdom Angel™ Science and Technology, Inc., in China. At the end of this year, we are going to launch this system in China. This will bring benefits to the many of our denture-wearing senior population.Dr. Li Luo Skelton

AG: Dr. Skelton, how do you see this product making an impact worldwide?

Dr. Li Luo Skelton: The New You Smile Implant Makeover System is an all-in-one total integrated system, starting with education, and then creating a new culture where the power of a smile is brought back to patients, from the U.S. to China.This system is great for patient education, home and healing systems for all treated patients, marketing, R&D, materials, dental labs, training opportunities, and multidisciplinary modern dentistry applications.
Our mission is to help patients improve their quality of life with a healthy and functional smile. This is done with a dental implant system that can easily serve the many individuals in need. We are proud to serve patients with an instant and customized smile makeover that is made up of preserving bone foundation, and is affordable, functional, and a lifetime solution.

AG: What are some benefits to the patients?

SL: Basic dentures are uncomfortable and can easily break. Given the opportunity to use our system, patients would find increased comfort levels with a solid product that will not break. We offer better quality material at a lower price for the greatest possible accessibility to our products and services.

AG: When can doctors in the United States expect to take advantage of this system?

SL: After the system launches in China, we will welcome clinicians in other countries to collaborate in launching this system in other parts of the world. Please go to for more information on the material and advances in the U.S. market.

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