M. Joe Mehranfar, DMD, MS

Making a difference for patients in need

Dr. M. Joe Mehranfar is a leading dental implantology practitioner in Phoenix

The gift of knowledge is something that is given and passed on to benefit others. Dr. M. Joe Mehranfar sees his expertise in dentistry and implantology as a gift he continuously gives to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

As a leading dental implantology practitioner in Arizona, Dr. Mehranfar spent many of his early years receiving comprehensive training in microbiology, dentistry, and implantology. After establishing his practice, he served as an adjunct assistant professor to share what he learned in his studies and his hands-on experience caring for patients. Teaching and mentoring others has always been a dream for Dr. Mehranfar, but when he was presented with an opportunity to mentor and also provide high-quality dental care regardless of financial status, it was an opportunity he couldn’t refuse.

The brighter way

Dental care is a necessity that not everyone can afford. Providing exceptional dental care and bringing a smile to the patient is the reason why Dr. Mehranfar studied dentistry and implantology.

In 2015, Dr. Mehranfar was approached by Dr. Kris Volcheck, CEO and founder of Brighter Way Institute, to join his team as the director of dental implant education at the Brighter Way Dental Institute.

Brighter Way provides dental care at its three centers to military veterans, children who are uninsured and in foster care, homeless individuals, and low income families. At the Brighter Way Dental Institute, Dr. Mehranfar has a unique role of leading and providing live-streaming teaching opportunities for dental surgeons wanting to refine implantology skills, while providing dental implants to a veteran.

“It is incredibly rewarding to mentor future dental leaders and simultaneously help deserving individuals in desperate need of dental care,” Dr. Mehranfar said. “As a dental surgeon, my mission is to execute the highest quality dental care and provide a prosperous learning experience for colleagues in the dental industry.”

Through his teaching at Brighter Way, Dr. Mehranfar mentors residents from the Lutheran Medical Center of New York, and clinicians across the country can learn from his live-streaming teaching procedures.

Dr. M. Joe Mehranfar with Dr. Kris Volcheck

Dr. M. Joe Mehranfar teaches during a dental implant procedure

Patients are the priority

Operating a practice can significantly consume time. After seeing patients during the day, there are business matters to address. For any dental practitioner who desires to give back, but hasn’t found the right balance of time spent in a practice and volunteering services, Dr. Mehranfar says there is just one thing to remember: “Put the patients’ needs first.”

In addition to his own practice in Phoenix limited to surgical and prosthodontic implant treatment, plus teaching at the Brighter Way Dental Institute, Dr. Mehranfar performs implant surgeries at general dental offices. He also serves as a consultant for Karl Schumacher Dental, a provider of premier dental instruments.

“I remember my mission daily,” Dr. Mehranfar adds. “As a busy dental practitioner, there’s always more to do, but I choose to focus on why I became a dental surgeon, and that means making patients the priority.”

Karl Schumacher Dental is proud to provide dental instrumentation for Brighter Way. If you would like to help Brighter Way, please visit www.brighterwaydental.org/brighterway-live.

Dr. M. Joe Mehranfar with his dental practice team in Phoenix


This information was provided by Karl Schumacher Dental.

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