Dr. Richard Eidelson, DDS, FAGD

30 years to becoming an overnight success

Dr. Richard Eidelson

Success takes time, hard work, and consistently working toward a goal. After 40 years, Richard Eidelson, DDS, FAGD, maintains focus on his goal of serving others with dental needs. That concentrated effort over time yields to the success that the Philadelphia-based dentist has today. It starts with years of learning and educating others.

“Any success I have is directly related to education,” Dr. Eidelson said. “For every course you take, it’s like a 3 to 1 multiplier. You can’t take one course. The more you do to learn, it will enhance your productivity and your enjoyment of treating dental problems.”

Learn to be a success

The path to an impressionable career in the dental industry begins with an education and continues with ongoing learning. Dr. Eidelson graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry. He then earned a certificate in esthetic dentistry from the University of Minnesota, participated in the Harvard School of Dental Medicine’s Professional Development Program, and graduated from UCLA’s postgraduate certificate program in implant dentistry.

During that time, Dr. Eidelson shared his knowledge as an assistant clinical professor in oral medicine at Temple University School of Dentistry, and he served on the university’s Alumni Board as vice president. He was also an adjunct clinical professor of restorative dentistry at Kornberg School of Dentistry.

“Today’s dentistry is not just the hands-on learning and academic skills taught in dental school. It has evolved with the fast pace of a digital world, and we must keep up,” Dr. Eidelson added.

He continued his personal education and teaching while operating his implant and cosmetic dentistry practice and hosting, “Open Your Mouth” on WABC in New York. Dr. Eidelson says he’s taken the time and worked hard to achieve the success he has today.

“The growth of a dental practice is exponentially impacted by a combination of information, clinical skills, and the implementation of new techniques, as well as the application of tried-and-true older techniques of classical dentistry,” Dr. Eidelson stated. “When a dentist applies what he/she has learned and continues to learn, growth will happen. It’s made a difference in my practice.”

Giving back globally

In 2017, Dr. Eidelson was part of a team of 25 top dentists from all over the United States who travelled to Santo Domingo, where they performed 800 dental implants

When Dr. Eidelson describes his travels around the world to familiarize himself with teaching techniques in the Dominican Republic, Tokyo, Austria, and across the United States, he says it’s an honor to learn the methods used in the dental industry worldwide. It inspired him to do more globally and join a team of 25 top dentists in the U.S. to travel to Santo Domingo. There the team performed 800 dental implants in 1 week to help patients in need.

Dr. Eidelson’s next goal, after completing this mission, was to fill a void in areas that needed top speakers and educators in the dental industry. He created the Communication Internet Learning (CIL) Institute. Its mission is to expose dentists to new trends and the expertise of various clinicians and product developers who improve the delivery of patient care.

In addition to the CIL, Dr. Eidelson developed the Philly Dental Splash to bring together educators, prominent speakers, and dental companies from across the U.S.

All of these efforts to learn and give back have not gone unnoticed. Dr. Eidelson received a Fellowship Award from the Academy of General Dentistry — a status that only 3% of dentists have achieved.

“Success won’t happen overnight, but it’s possible by taking pride in customer service, learning, and giving back,” Dr. Eidelson said.

This information was provided by Karl Schumacher Dental.

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