Dentists Launch Peer-to-Peer Platform to Tackle Industry Reform

Amid findings by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a Joint Congressional Staff Report, Dentists are Uniting to Usher in Better Practices.

IRVINE, CA: Amid findings by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and a Joint Congressional Staff Report, dentists are uniting to usher in better practices. Recognizing that the centralized management and financing operations of dental practices must be reformed, Dental Equities, LLC intends to help tackle a continuous financial problem within the dental industry.

According to a recent Joint Congressional Investigation, led by Senators Grassley and Baucus, certain group dental clinics in corporate environments have placed control of their operations in the hands of large dental management service organizations, thereby putting profits above responsible patient care. Moreover, on December 10, 2013, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau entered a Consent Order against a well-known industry leader in patient financing, preventing it from further deceptive enrollment practices.

Executives of Dental Equities, collaborating with several leaders of industry in their respective fields, will inform and showcase how Dental Equities intends to reshape the future of dentistry at its first annual meeting. This event will follow a company sponsored continuing education symposium featuring a live global broadcast. Dental Equities was recently formed to promote a unique approach to affordable patient financing, to spread the important message of high-quality dental care and to train dentists how to better service their patients.

Dental Equities’ mission is to elevate the professionalism of younger dentists, enable dentists to remain independent, engage collaboration of fellow colleagues and make quality dental care more affordable and accessible. The members of Dental Equities’ Board of Managers and other advisors of Dental Equities have extensive expertise and the dedication to assist Dental Equities to move forward with its vision. They believe that the challenges faced by each healthcare profession can be overcome only by its professionals merging their clinical knowledge and business experience while taking action with the guidance of experts in law, accounting and finance.

About Dental Equities, LLC: Dental Equities, LLC is a private equity limited liability company founded and led by Dr. Kianor Shah, its Chairman. Dental Equities, LLC provides a decentralized peer-to-peer platform where dental professionals unite administratively, academically and financially for the benefit of patients as well as dental professionals – without borders. Many of Dental Equities, LLC’s members and advisors have been engaged as professional consultants and business owners in dental practices and sophisticated finance across the United States. For more information, please visit

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