ACE Surgical Supply

There from the start.

ace-corp-prof-img11967 was a watershed year for the dental surgery community and the profession at large: The practice of oral surgery was rapidly transitioning to private practices across the United States. Yet the transition had left the profession with surgical products and instrumentation unsuitable for oral surgical procedures. Undaunted, and with many patients to treat, J. Edward Carchidi, DDS, went to work developing products that made sense for his private practice and his patients. This is how ACE Surgical Supply began. Word spread, and more oral surgeons sought Dr. Carchidi’s recast and customized dental surgical supplies. And they still do today.

“We didn’t have certain things, so we invented them.”

ace-corp-prof-img2Dr. Carchidi cited an emerging niche unrecognized by medical and traditional dental suppliers at the time. His entrepreneurial instincts surfaced — the specialized needs of oral surgeons would best be met by a fellow oral surgeon like himself, offering smartly modified products designed in his workroom for a fair price. The response was immediate and immense. Dr. C’s workroom gave way to an ever-expanding office, a loyal staff, and an official business name: ACE Surgical Supply. Forty-nine years later, ACE operates on this single enduring principle: How can we better serve oral surgeons and dental practitioners?

The symbiotic relationship between oral surgeons and ACE was thereby established. Cultivating each business relationship has meant listening and re-examining everything from purchase quantities to core materials, thus assuring the most efficient purchasing strategies for managing a profitable practice. Affordability is central to patient retention. Our entire portfolio of products extends best-in-class competitive pricing — just one of the ways we’ve been instrumental in advancing oral healthcare.

Truly the complete solution

ACE is proud to preserve our clients’ trust through decades of technological breakthroughs. Bone regeneration and dental implants are now established treatments. Starting as pioneers, today ACE is a bone regeneration leader, with a top-tiered spectrum of products: allograft, xenograft, and synthetics — predictable and proven products to reinforce patient trust. Our Infinity line of compatible, dental implant systems allows practitioners to place and restore the Infinity implants with the same confidence derived from their current systems without the added expenses.

“We’ll get it for you, for a better price.”

The power of teamwork has been the trademark of ACE’s growth. Our team is family, literally, with relatives and longtime, permanent associates building our reputation every day. Our team anticipates customer needs with dedication and purposeful focus. We know our customers, the needs of their practices, and how to deliver the right products at the right price. All of our planning, decisions, and forecasting are based on customer needs. In fact, our current measured expansion further consolidates our corporate offices, warehouses, clean room facilities, and customer service center in order to better serve our customers.

The nexus of our roots naturally extends outward to investigate important new therapeutics, instrumentation, and technologies. There is no end to our in-depth research for the development of new products and treatments for our clients and their patients.

ACE is a formidable presence in the dental surgical world, not because of a series of acquisition and mergers, but because our customers brought us here.

This information was provided by Ace Surgical Supply.



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