The SATURNO™ Narrow Diameter Implant System


ZEST Anchors, the trusted manufacturer of LOCATOR® and end-to-end solutions in the resilient implant-retained overdenture market, has released a new angle on o-ball implants — the SATURNO™ Narrow Diameter Implant System. SATURNO is a narrow diameter, O-Ball implant designed as a permanent solution for overdenture retention. Engineered with straight and innovative 20° angled O-Ball implant options, SATURNO incorporates many unique features not found with mini O-Ball implants currently on the market today.

These features include:

  1. a 20° Angled O-Ball Implant option that allows for placement following the natural slope of the maxillary ridge. This ZEST Anchors innovation diminishes O-Ball facial emergence, a problem that could produce areas of thin denture acrylic and compromise denture strength and/or esthetics
  2. patented, pivoting O-Ring technology that allows for passive denture seating when convergent/divergent implants are present. With passive seating, patients will experience easier prosthesis insertion/removal, and less wear on their O-Rings
  3. a proven RBM surface on the entire length of the implant
  4. progressive threads provide increased primary stability
  5. a self-tapping feature for ease of implant insertion

Each SATURNO Implant is available in the clinician’s choice of 20° Angled or Straight O-Ball implant options; in 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm, or 2.9 mm diameters; 10 mm, 12 mm, or 14 mm lengths; and cuff heights in 2 mm or 4 mm. The value-conscious packaging also includes a Restorative Component Vial with the Attachment Housing and Block-Out Spacer for processing the overdenture.

ZEST is offering a SATURNO Narrow Diameter Implant System product special for clinicians who want to start offering this unique solution to their edentulous patients. Please call 800-262-2310, or visit to get started today!

This information was provided by ZEST Anchors.

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