SMARTbase™ — for optimized esthetics (patent-pending)

Douglas Wilkin, PhD, explains the characteristics that make SMARTbase™ a new and welcome generation of Ti-base abutment Systems.

Douglas Wilkin, PhD, describes a system that achieves optimal outcomes for screw-retained restorations

The introduction of SMARTbase™ Engaging Ti-base Abutment System from Implant Direct allows clinicians to achieve optimal outcomes for screw-retained restorations. SMARTbase abutments are a new generation of titanium abutments (also known as Ti-bases) designed with ease of use in mind and offer a number of features that aid in allowing clinicians to achieve the most esthetically pleasing restoration.

What is SMARTbase?

SMARTbase is Implant Direct’s Engaging titanium abutment. SMARTbase abutments can be utilized in both digital and conventional workflows. Numerous benefits have been incorporated into the design — all developed to manage and facilitate restoration and to ease placement by the clinician.

SMARTbase group

Soft tissue management

One of the main features is the proprietary SMARTbase Dual Hue anodization. This feature combined with the SMARTbase Concave Profile enables management of both the shape and color of soft tissue. The SMARTbase abutment has a gold anodized stem, permitting the utilization of a translucent restoration material. In addition, the pink anodized-titanium base provides for superior blending with the gingival tissue removing the chance of any traditional gray coloring showing through the tissue, as may occur with other Ti-bases. The concave profile is standard on all SMARTbase abutments. This profile mimics that of healing abutments, allowing for optimal tissue management. The concave profile allows for improved healing of the gingival cuff, adding an additional layer of protection against abutment visibility.

Size management

SMARTbase has multiple collar heights and profile options available to ensure you get just the right size. The abutments are available in numerous heights and widths, encompassing practically every foreseeable restorative circumstance.

Position management

Implant-supported crowns have traditionally been designed to be placed in a two-step procedure: First, the abutment is attached to the implant, and then the crown is cemented onto the abutment. This process can limit the esthetic possibilities of the restoration, especially within the posterior region, though admittingly, esthetics may not be as important in this region. Using SMARTbase helps overcome this issue.

Postiion management

With SMARTbase, the position of the screw-access hole is no longer an issue. An additional feature of SMARTbase is the elongated screw-access channel incorporated into the abutment wall. This channel allows for off-angle differential placement of the screw-access hole within the crown, allowing this access hole to be repositioned if necessary. This can readily provide a much-needed benefit for anterior restorations.

The SMARTbase Tool Access

This feature in the abutment wall allows for a discrete screw-access cavity; this cavity in the restoration can be placed up to 25° off-axis. This feature allows for numerous access points from the restoration to the screw-access cavity. The screw-access opening within the restoration must no longer be placed in contiguous line with the screw channel. For anterior teeth, this often would create an access hole within the labial surface.

With SMARTbase, the access hole can be placed at any angle of up to 25° off-axis. This allows access to the abutment screw from any number of positions, allowing for improved esthetics, especially in the anterior region as the opening can be hidden on the lingual side of the prosthesis.

Does this system require special tools? In short, yes. The off-axis characteristic of SMARTbase requires unique tools produced specifically to engage this abutment system. The design of the SMARTbase together with these SMARTbase tools provides the freedom to reposition the screw-access channel from 0° to 25° and allows greater accessibility in the posterior region where space can be limited.

This information was provided by Implant Direct.

Implant Direct, the company that brings you SMARTbase™, has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and design facility in Thousand Oaks, California. Read more about it here:

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