Salvin® Renovix® Guided Healing Collagen Membrane

salvin-renovix-collagen-membraneThe Renovix® Guided Healing Collagen Membrane from Salvin Dental is getting excellent reviews from doctors using it for pre-implant grafting procedures, including socket preservation, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts. It combines the ability to drape and conform to the specific anatomy of a grafted defect, while maintaining structural integrity and elasticity. This combination of ideal handling characteristics helps  make grafting procedures easier and more predictable.

When it comes to selecting the perfect membrane for guided bone and tissue regeneration, there are many choices. Yet most clinicians are still looking for the ideal barrier that combines the best handling and performance characteristics. Some collagen membranes remain stiff even after being hydrated, making it difficult to place over a ridge and conform to the shape of the defect. Other membranes have no memory and resemble wet tissue paper, making it extremely difficult to manipulate during surgery.

salvin-elastic-handlingRenovix® was originally created for use in repairing pediatric cardiac defects. Cardiac surgeons needed a resorbable membrane to protect the surgical site without migration, and to have it cross-linked in a way that significantly reduced the chance of an inflammatory response. Based on these specific requests, the material used for Renovix® was developed.    

Renovix® is fabricated from Type 1 porcine collagen, known to be one of the purest forms of collagen available. It is cross-linked with polysaccharide, a naturally occurring sugar, with excellent biocompatibility. The combined performance and handling characteristics of this membrane, along with specific requests from many implant surgeons, encouraged Salvin Dental to introduce Renovix® for guided bone-regeneration procedures.

Case reports and clinical documenta-tion are an important part of the decision-making process when determining how regenerative products will perform. Steve Wallace, DDS, MHS, from Wilmington, North Carolina, has used Renovix® in over 25 cases as a guided regeneration barrier after extraction and grafting of maxillary first and second molars in preparation for implant placement. Dr. Wallace made the following statement detailing his clinical experience with Renovix®: “Primary flap closure over maxillary molar extraction sites is always difficult to achieve. I have been using Renovix® as my barrier over these grafted sites to exclude soft tissue ingrowth. I have seen that Renovix® remains intact up to 13 weeks and consistently promotes soft tissue closure over it with minimal inflammation.”

When it is first removed from its sterile packaging, Renovix® is transparent and fairly rigid. Once hydrated, Renovix® becomes opaque, making it easy to identify when brought into the surgical field, and very easy to manipulate. Doctors have said that they get their best results when trimming it after it has been hydrated.

Renovix® is very thin, yet has remark-able tensile strength. This characteristic provides several clinical advantages. First and foremost, it can easily be tacked or sutured to the surgical site if needed. Next, it can be tucked into small tunnel incisions using a micro periosteal elevator without concern that the instrument will easily puncture through the membrane. Finally, the fact that Renovix® is thin and resilient enables the clinician to elevate smaller flaps, leaving more of the periosteum and blood supply undisturbed for faster healing and less patient discomfort.

James Woodyard, DMD, MS, from Newburgh, Indiana, made the following statement regarding his experience with Renovix®: “The thinness and excellent tensile strength of Renovix® allows me to create small tunnel incisions and tuck it under the tissue without tearing the membrane. With thicker membranes that I used in the past, I had to create large full-thickness flaps, and many of the other thin membranes had a tendency to tear when I tried to tuck them. When I decrease the size of the flap elevated and exposure of bone, I decrease postoperative swelling, pain, bone loss, and discomfort for the patient. The less invasive I can be, the less complications I have. I am extremely pleased with the results that I have seen when using Renovix®.”

Renovix® is available in three different sizes and is individually packaged sterile for immediate use. Many doctors like 15 mm x 25 mm size because it will typically fully cover a grafted extraction socket from the buccal to the opposing lingual plate, maintaining full coverage over the ridge, without having to select a larger size. This unique size reduces waste and saves money by often eliminating the need to select the next larger size.

For more information about Renovix®, check out the product video on the company’s website at, or contact the team of experts at Salvin Dental at 800-535-6566. They’ll take great care of you!

This information was provided by Salvin Dental.

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