Removable and fixed LOCATOR® Attachment System

Editor’s Intro: Zest Dental Solutions wants to be clinician’s one source for all full-arch implant solutions, both fixed and removable, and Locator Attachment Systems consistently provide progressive design features and enhanced benefits.

Innovative advancements in full-arch implant solutions

LOCATOR R-Tx® Removable Attachment System

Zest Dental Solutions® has been the leader of innovative restorative solutions for edentulous patients since 1977. They pioneered the first pivoting, self-aligning LOCATOR® Attachment System that quickly became the gold standard in patient removable overdentures.

Building on 17 years of clinical success, they launched the next-generation world-class attachment system, the LOCATOR R-Tx® Removable Attachment System. In 2016, Zest initiated yet another paradigm shift in implant dentistry with the introduction of the LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System, making Zest Dental Solutions your one source for all full-arch implant solutions: fixed and removable.

The LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System is the fourth generation of patient removable technology that relies on the same restorative techniques as its predecessor, LOCATOR. It combines progressive design features, enhanced benefits, and System simplicity for clinicians and patients alike. The LOCATOR R-Tx features a new DuraTec® Abutment Coating that is 30% harder and offers more than 25% greater wear resistance. In addition, the new coating reduces surface roughness by approximately 65% compared to Zest’s already industry-leading titanium nitride coating and features a pink gingiva tone for maximum esthetics. The narrower coronal geometry of the Abutment, together with the dual engagement of the Retention Inserts on the outside of the Abutment, allows patients to easily align and properly seat their overdentures, thus preventing potential deformation of the Inserts that could lead to premature wear. It now treats up to 30° angle correction with a single set of redesigned Retention Inserts with straightforward retention values — zero, low, medium, and high — and uses a standard .050″/1.25 mm hex drive mechanism. And now ordering is easy with convenient, all-in-one packaging, providing all of the necessary components for the case with one part number. Zest strongly believes that the LOCATOR R-Tx is a better, simpler, and stronger System and has implemented a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to prove it.

The revolutionary LOCATOR F-Tx Fixed Attachment System offers a new option for edentulous patients. LOCATOR F-Tx is fixed for the patient, only removable by the clinician. It does not require prosthetic screws, screw access channels, or cement, therefore maintaining prosthesis integrity, preserving esthetics, and reducing chair time. The unique spherical geometry of the Abutment and innovative “snap-in” Attachment work like a ball and socket, allowing the Denture Attachment Housing to snap into place and pivot 360° into the desired position, eliminating the need for angled abutments, as well as treating up to 20° of angle correction from one common vertical. PEEK Retention Balls are threaded into the Denture Attachment Housing using finger-tight pressure and come in three levels of retention: low, medium, and high. The System is packaged and sterilized in one convenient vial that includes the Abutment, Denture Attachment Housing with pre-inserted black Processing Ball, a replacement black Processing Ball, a low, medium, and high Retention Ball, and two Block-out Spacers. It uses a single, simple Tool that quickly seats and removes the LOCATOR F-Tx prosthesis expediting patient visits. During maintenance visits, Retention Balls are replaced extraorally, enhancing patient comfort.

In addition, this versatile System is the only immediate treatment solution available today that can rescue a patient’s existing fixed-hybrid prosthesis after replacing an implant in as little as one patient visit. The LOCATOR F-Tx Abutment is picked up chairside, ensures a passive fit, and works in harmony with the existing screw-retained abutments. This cost-effective solution eliminates the need to fabricate a new prosthesis and additional lab fees. Simple modifications to the patient’s existing prosthesis, together with the flexibility of the System, allows it to be easily incorporated alongside the remaining screw-retained abutments, saving both clinicians and patients substantial time, money, and frustration.

No matter which road your full-arch implant case takes, you can turn to Zest Dental Solutions, the company you know and trust.

About Zest Dental Solutions

LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System

Zest Dental Solutions is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and distribution of diversified dental solutions for a continuum of patient care from the preservation of natural teeth to the treatment of total edentulism. The company’s product portfolios consist of Zest Anchors, Danville Materials, and Perioscopy with global distribution through OEMs, dealer/distributor networks, as well as a domestic retail sales operation for the Zest Anchors Portfolio. Zest Dental Solutions’ corporate headquarters is in Carlsbad, California, with satellite operations in Anaheim and Escondido, California.

This information was provided by Zest Dental Solutions®.


Besides creating world-class products like its renowned LOCATOR Attachment Systems, Zest really cares about customers. Read more about its 100% satisfaction guarantee here.

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