Optimize your implant workflow with 3Shape Implant Studio®

Editor’s intro: From customized surgical guides printed in-house to restoring implants, 3Shape Implant Studio is an implant planning software solution for developing your implant surgical plan and for designing and producing customized surgical guides.

3Shape Implant Studio® is an open implant planning software solution that enables you to develop an implant surgical plan as well as digitally plan the implant placement presurgery. The innovative solution also allows you to design customized surgical guides for printing in-house or send your designs to your preferred manufacturing partner.

Start your workflow with best-in-class technology

When you plan your implant treatment digitally, your workflow begins with a digital impression. While Implant Studio is an open solution that accepts any .STL file, why not start your workflow with a fast and highly accurate scan using the award-winning 3Shape TRIOS® intraoral scanner? U.S.-based practitioner, Dr. David Wohl says that with 3Shape TRIOS, his “delivery time has been cut by two-thirds.”

Plan any implant treatment

In the software, Implant Studio combines your surface impression with a CBCT scan. This provides you with full clinical insight for planning your treatment.

You can plan any implant treatment in Implant Studio, from single units to full edentulous cases. As an open solution, Implant Studio enables you to choose from more than 100 implant and sleeve libraries, your preferred manufacturing options, as well as seamlessly connect with manufacturing partners in an integrated workflow or export your cases for use with any CAD/CAM solution. With 3Shape Implant Studio, it’s up to you.

Guided surgery for a great patient experience

The flexibility of the workflow also extends to the design and production of surgical guides. Design tooth-, mucosa-, or bone-supported1 surgical guides in Implant Studio for a less invasive and more comfortable treatment experience for the patient.2 Dr. Simon Kold from Denmark says, “Implant Studio allows me to reduce allocated appointment times for complete surgery from 90 to 30 minutes, while providing a much better patient experience and more accurate results.”

Aside from reducing your chair and healing time, the treatment precision and efficiency of guided surgery can also translate into greater confidence and predictability when handling complex cases. Canadian practitioner, Dr. Sonia Leziy says, “Because I’ve pre-planned the outcome in Implant Studio and use surgical guides, I can now treat 20%-25% more patients and am far more relaxed in surgery. To me, it’s a stress-free environment.”

Restore implants easily

If you are also restoring implants, 3Shape provides you with all the tools you need. Compared to conventional implant impressions, implant scanning with TRIOS is faster3 and less complex. Implant scanning after surgery also allows for the easy capture of the emergence profile to ensure high-quality restorations. U.S.-based Dr. Peter Hunt says, “With implant scanning, the whole process is becoming so predictable. It’s contributing to a much more effective workflow, much more predictable, more precise, and it feels safer and more comfortable.”

To enable the precise position and orientation recording of an implant with an intraoral scanner, we recommend using 3Shape scan bodies. 3Shape scan bodies are made of durable titanium to ensure accuracy throughout their up-to-100-use lifetime and are available for all major implant systems.

Choose an open system to optimize your implant workflow

When it comes to digital implantology and CAD/CAM solutions, there are plenty of choices out there. Among these, 3Shape provides you with an open, seamlessly integrated system for developing your implant surgical plan and the design and production of customized surgical guides.

For more information or to start your free trial, please call +1-908-867-0144, visit us at www.3shape.com/implantstudio, or email Sales.US@3shape.com.

Visit us at Booth 2626 at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, happening December 1-4, 2019.

This information was provided by 3Shape.

In addition to its implant planning software solution, read about 3Shape’s design software for labs, 3Shape Dental System 2019.

1. Bone-supported guides are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the U.S. Coming in 2020.

2. Pozzi A, Tallarico M, Marchetti M, Scarfò B, Esposito M. Computer-guided versus free-hand placement of immediately loaded dental implants: 1-year post-loading results of a multicentre randomised controlled trial. Eur J Oral Implantol. 2014;7(3):229-242.

3. Joda T, Lenherr P, Dedem P, Kovaltschuk I, Bragger U, Zitzmann NU. Time efficiency, difficulty, and operator’s preference comparing digital and conventional implant impressions: a randomized controlled trial. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2017;28(10):1318-132.

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