Isolite® Systems

Precision-designed, reliable, and efficient solutions for minimally invasive, easy-to-use dental isolation

When a dental company is founded by dentists with core values centered on patient care, the result is innovative, ergonomically efficient products that help dental professionals work more productively, with less stress and fatigue. Isolite® Systems functions dependably and repetitively for consistent clinical outcomes, every time.

Product_Profile_Isolite_fig1Isolite features three precision-designed, reliable, award-winning solutions for minimally invasive, easy-to-use dental isolation for total control of the oral environment. These proprietary and patented technologies can benefit every area of dentistry, including implant placement, restorative dentistry, emergency care, oral surgery, and hygiene.

Isolite’s value to the dental practice
How does Isolite systems make dentistry safe, easy, and productive?

  • Total control of the oral environment improves procedural efficiencies.
  • With this extra layer of protection, the clinician can complete procedures more quickly.
  • Quicker procedures reduce chairtime for the patient and create more room for additional appointments during the work day.
  • Allows for more procedures to be completed at the same time.
  • Protects the dental team from aspiration/ingestion-related legal problems.
  • Increased visibility decreases chances of overlooking less visible dental issues.

Isolite Mouthpieces
As the heart of the system, the Mouthpiece obturates the throat, minimizing the chance of debris aspiration and ingestion. The built-in bite block supports the patient’s jaw in a comfortable open position and allows the dentist to monitor the patient’s airway. The Mouthpiece also retracts the tongue and cheeks, giving the clinician access to both the upper and lower quadrants and shielding these areas from accidental injury by the dentist’s instruments. With these areas protected, the dentist can perform procedures, such as implant placement, in an easy and safe way.

Isolite illuminated dental isolation system
With five levels of brilliant intraoral LED illumination, Isolite provides a clear path of light and increased visibility to the treatment area. Isolite is the only dental isolation system that delivers illumination, suction, and retraction all in one easy-to-use, timesaving system.  This unit improves the practitioner’s view of the mouth and reduces eyestrain.

Isodry non-illuminated dental isolation system
For practitioners who choose to work with external light only, the strong, ultra-lightweight Isodry dental isolation system provides two channels of continuous hands-free vacuum suction that can be focused either in the upper or lower quadrant, allowing better control over moisture and oral humidity.

Isovac dental isolation adapter
Designed for additional operatories, this portable unit’s strong, ultra-lightweight Control Head is constructed of an easy-to-clean polymer. The Isovac adds yet another versatile alternative for oral control.

Isolite Systems for fast, easy, and productive implant and restorative procedures
Product_Profile_Isolite_mouthpieceIsolite Systems retracts the tongue and reduces moisture and humidity. Even better, the Mouthpiece obturates the throat and airway and protects the soft tissue, while preventing closure of patient’s mouth. Without the risk of dropping a small screw down a patient’s throat, the dentist can concentrate on what’s most important — performing excellent dentistry. During preparation of an implant site, Isolite Systems provides a controlled field for placing implant screws and other small devices on abutments while protecting the patient’s airway. The sterile Mouthpiece offers control over blood and debris, and with the capability for cheek retraction and evacuation, the dentist can concentrate on the tooth or teeth being prepared without stressing about the tongue or cheek getting in the way. In addition, restorative outcomes are improved by keeping the mouth dry and facilitating better impressions. The isolated field and humidity reduction increases resin tooth bond strength, decreases micro-leakage, and reduces volumetric polymerization shrinkage of resin-based composite.

With Isolite Systems, dental procedures can be safe, easy, and productive. For more information, visit, or call 800-560-6066.

This information was provided by Isolite® Systems.


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