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Dental Implants Market: Top trends propelling the industry demand through 2027

According to a recent study from market research firm Graphical Research, the global dental implants market size is set to register a significant growth during the forecast timeframe. Dental implants are placed into a patient’s jawbone to support artificial dental structures like dentures, bridges, and crowns. Osseointegration is a process used to permanently fit these implants into the client’s jawbone.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, more than one tooth or an entire set of teeth. They can be used in case of any injuries or diseases that resulted in tooth loss. Some of the popular companies that are dealing in the production of dental implants across the world are Glidewell Laboratories, Zimmer Biomet, Dentsply Sirona, Straumann AG, Osstem Implant, Danaher Corporation, and BioHorizons, among many others.

Below are some trends that will positively affect the global dental implants market outlook up to 2027:

Significance of cosmetic dentistry rises in Europe:

Dental implants market in Europe is set to exceed $2.2 billion in value by 2027. The regional cosmetic dentistry sector is growing at a commendable rate as the number of people looking to enhance their oral health and smile appearance is growing every year. This form of dentistry focuses more on the aesthetic appearance of teeth like their color and shape. It has created a spillover effect on the making of dental implants, whose manufacturers are increasingly focusing on improving the color pigment, shape, alignment and overall appearance of the implant.

For example, US-based company Dentsply Sirona, in March 2019, introduced two new dental implants called Acuris and Azento in Europe. These implants offer a lot of convenience to users and greatly enhance oral aesthetics.

Dental clinics in Europe foster demand for implants:

Europe dental implants market share from dental clinics segment will showcase an estimated valuation of $1,410 million by 2027. The number of dental clinics is growing in Europe because of the region’s rising geriatric population and the age-related dental problems that come with it.

The cost of procedures done from certified dental clinics is quite reasonable, increasing the number of people opting for these treatments. The dental workforce employment has seen a notable upward trend in recent years, according to the statistics by Eurostat. Countries like Portugal, Estonia, Germany, and Spain have shown great increase in the number of dental care professionals. These factors will make dental care services a lot more accessible and safer for people in the region.

Dental implants have become quite popular among many regions across the world because of their ability to aesthetically improve the overall smile quality of patients and provide high comfort while eating food. As dental diseases continue to worry a large number of people across the globe, the introduction of dental implants has renewed people’s confidence who don’t have to spend too much money on other costly dental procedures.

Rising dental disorders worry North America:

The population in North America is witnessing a worrying rise in the number of dental disorders.

According to reports released by reputed governing bodies in 2018, nearly 43% children in the US aged between 2 to 19 had tooth cavities. It is being estimated that this percentage will grow even more in the future. This factor will also play an important role in helping North America dental implants market reach an estimated valuation of more than $1.9 billion by 2027.

Some of the important aspects that are only adding to the problem of dental disorders are the fast-paced and unhealthy lifestyle of the people in North America. The percentage of people in the region eating highly processed foods, sugary items and takeaways is rising every year. There is excessive indulging of alcohol and tobacco consumption, the latter known to cause severe dental issues, including oral cancer. These factors are predicted to create demand for dental implants in the region.

Tapered implants gain momentum among North American population:

Tapered and parallel walled implants are the main product categories of dental implants market. Among these, North America dental implants industry share from tapered implants segment will witness a CAGR of 8.7% through 2027. Tapered implants have many beneficial features like ability to instantly fix dental implants, reduced risk of labial perforation, high primary stability, among others.

The geriatric population in North America is growing at a notable rate, which will play an important role in expanding the demand for tapered dental implants. They provide great bone maintenance and can effortlessly create soft tissue attachments.

Use of titanium for dental implants in North America:

Zirconium and titanium are the main types of materials used to manufacture dental implants. A growing number of patients are opting for titanium-based dental implants as it has some important benefits like being non-allergic in nature, highly biocompatible, having low thermal conductivity, and high ability to ossify. Titanium-based dental implants have a success rate of around 95% and are highly durable; the fixtures can last up to 30 years without the slightest corrosion.

Asia Pacific patients opt for parallel walled implants:

The number of dental disease cases in Asia Pacific is growing at an alarming rate, and so is the need for using dental implants. Parallel walled dental implants held around 25% share of the  regional market in 2020. These implants are undergoing some great technological advancements and offer Immediate Bone-to-Implant Contact (IBIC) that helps in achieving good primary stability. They replace the missing tooth quite conveniently and are extensively used for patients suffering from disorders like tooth agenesis.

High demand for Zirconium-based dental implants in APAC region:

Asia Pacific dental implants market share from zirconium segment will be valued at over $293 million by 2027. Zirconium-based dental implants offer many benefits like being a metal-free option for patients who are uncomfortable with metal-based ones. They are highly durable and fuse perfectly with the natural bone structure of patients, thereby giving a more natural look.

They have high strength which lets clients drink and eat their foods normally. Zirconium dental implants are going through certain innovations.

Hospitals in Asia Pacific are emerging end-users of dental implants:

Dental clinics, hospitals, and others are the main end-users of dental implants industry. Asia Pacific dental implants market size from hospitals was valued at over $148 million in 2020.

Hospitals offer access to various dental services at reasonable prices. They help patients get an early diagnosis of their dental problems and advanced technologies are being used to make treatments highly focused and effective.

Asia Pacific dental implants market is expected to cross the projected valuation of $1 billion by 2027. Governments in the region are showing their support towards the development of public health infrastructure. For example, the Australian government, in 2020-21, announced an investment of $23.6 billion under the National Health Reform Agreement, to support the development of advanced healthcare infrastructure in hospitals. The growing need to improve overall appearance, speech, and oral health has prompted patients to opt for dental implant treatments from hospitals.

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