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Delve into these outstanding dental products — Boyd equipment and LOCATOR FIXED for your implant-focused office.

Why are Boyd implant surgery chairs, carts, and cabinetry better than the competition?

As the market leader for oral and dental implant surgery chairs and tables, Boyd equipment is best known for its ideal design combined with proven quality and reliability. The company’s dental surgery chairs are the industry standard for oral surgery, having been time tested over the company’s history during millions of surgical procedures.

To complement Boyd’s line of oral surgery chairs, the company offers a wide variety of mobile operatory carts designed to organize and store surgical items and devices. The carts are lightweight, easy to disinfect, and lockable with ergonomic handles to move between surgical suites.

Boyd designs and fabricates the widest variety of cabinetry options to fit both the size, functionality, and style of your clinic. The cabinetry line of standard and custom designs sets the company apart from others in the dental implant industry. The company’s designers can adapt standard configurations or design cabinetry completely unique.

Do Boyd products meet all FDA and regulatory requirements?

Yes, our equipment meets all required regulatory standards for compliance. These include IEC 60601 safety standard for medical/dental devices, CSA for Canadian and CE for European.

As an internationally certified, ISO 13485:2016 company, Boyd goes through annual independent audits by British Standards Institute to assure it meets FDA, ISO, and all other regulatory standards.

What makes Boyd unique for Implant specialists?

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the latest technology and innovations in Implant Dentistry. Our treatment chairs are ergonomically designed for dental implant procedures and can be configured specifically to the surgeons’ specifications.

Does Boyd offer financing options?

Boyd has a very competitive program for recent residency graduates and separating military members offering them significant product discounts or favorable payment terms.

What is the lead time for receiving Boyd equipment once I place an order?

Despite the volatility of today’s global supply chain, Boyd has been able to better manage its lead times because of the company’s U.S.-based factory and North American supply base. Boyd’s factory fabricates steel, plastic, upholstered wood, and many other components used in its products. The capability to directly manage much of the product content internally has allowed the company to maintain lead times to under 8 weeks.

Where can I see Boyd equipment on display?

Boyd attends industry trade shows to display and demonstrate equipment. In addition to trade shows, Boyd has a product showroom at our headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

Interested in learning more? Please call our sales team at 727-471-5072, email us at sales@boydind.com for details, or  visit https://www.boydindustries.com/products/oral-surgery/.



Changing the edentulous landscape with LOCATOR FIXED

Dr. John P. Poovey, DMD, DICOI, FADIA, FAAIP, is an early adopter of the LOCATOR FIXED full-arch solution from Zest Dental Solutions, the creator of the tried-and-true LOCATOR® attachment system. Having participated in the limited launch phases of the product rollout, Dr. Poovey has now focused on incorporating it into his daily patient treatment offerings.

Dr. Poovey addresses some key questions that clinicians are asking about the LOCATOR FIXED system from Zest.

How has LOCATOR FIXED changed your full arch patient offering?

Dr. Poovey: The biggest thing is that it creates a good middle ground where you have patients who have existing snap-ons, or you have patients who are interested in doing something fixed, but really are unable to come up with the price structure of a traditional fixed hybrid. So, what you are doing is capturing an untapped market of patients who really do not want to do a removable but cannot afford that pricier traditional fixed solution, or people who are in traditional snap-on overdentures and would like an alternative without starting from scratch.

Full-arch fixed prosthetics historically require more bone reduction and more complexity. In fact, prior to the introduction of LOCATOR FIXED, doctors who placed dental implants for overdentures with minimally invasive bone reduction were limited to overdentures, and if clinicians wanted to switch a patient from overdenture to fixed, they would essentially need to start all over again. LOCATOR FIXED has changed this paradigm.

Since offering LOCATOR FIXED in your practice, what benefits have you seen to the patients and practice?

Dr. Poovey: LOCATOR FIXED makes it much easier on both the patient and the dentist. The biggest thing is you can take patients in a removable appliance and easily move them into something FIXED. In doing so, you give them a permanent teeth-like solution.

When we talk with patients about snap-in overdentures, we explain to them that while it holds the denture in, it does not really change it from being a denture — it still walks and talks more like a denture. When we do a FIXED solution, they can experience a solution most like the teeth they used to have.

In fact, LOCATOR FIXED does not replace the traditional fixed hybrid screw-retained bridge; it is an additional offering that allows us to grow our practice by bringing in an untapped patient segment. At the end of the day, with LOCATOR FIXED, we are getting a higher level of case acceptance.

How can you use LOCATOR to build a full-arch practice and offer staged treatment planning?

Dr. Poovey: What’s great about LOCATOR FIXED is that it allows for treatment staging if you incorporate it up front. If we do a removable now, we can easily transition to FIXED later with the same implants and same LOCATOR abutments. Depending on the patient, I may need to place a couple more implants, but there is generally no bone reduction required. I just swap out the removable inserts and housings for LOCATOR FIXED. Just like that, the patient is converted from removable to FIXED.

How do you see LOCATOR FIXED changing the landscape for current and future edentulous patients?

Dr. Poovey: Traditionally, there has been a removable solution and then a costly fixed screw-retained solution, but nothing in-between — until now. Historically, we did not have a solution to tap into that midrange market that wanted a permanent tooth-like option but could not afford $30,000 per arch. They may be able to afford $12,000-$14,000 per arch, however. Now with LOCATOR FIXED, I can tap into that unserved patient population.

Dr. Poovey’s practice, JP Dental and Implant Center, has locations in Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

For more information on LOCATOR FIXED from Zest Dental Solutions, visit www.zestdent.com/locator-fixed.

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