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Dr. Justin Moody illustrates Dr. August De Oliveira’s technique for full-arch implants using the PrimeScan from Dentsply Sirona.

Dr. Justin D. Moody says the future of full-arch implant dentistry is now

So when you turn 50 (asking for a friend), you start to reflect a little where you were and where you are today in your career. Not so many years ago, I listened to presentations on the future of implant dentistry. For the most part, I just shrugged it off and said, “I’ll wait.” The wait is over!

Figure 1 (left): Upper scan of the converted denture in place using the liquid rubber dam material to form the “squiggles”; Figure 2 (right): Upper and lower implants scanned using the Dentsply Sirona Primescan showing the jaw relation after being aligned

IOS systems are more accurate today, more available, and in some instances less expensive. I was recently at Dentsply Sirona World in Las Vegas where this technology was on display for all to see. Prior to recent years, the thought of being able to capture the vertical dimension, implant positions, and bite was unheard of. Having the great fortune of working with Dr. August De Oliveira has opened my eyes to the future of full-arch implant dentistry.

Figure 3 (left): Use of the Imetric photogrammetry domino scan posts to orient the implants; Figure 4 (right): Dr. August De Oliveria using the Imetric to record the implant positions

Dr. De Oliveira began teaching these techniques at Implant Pathway — it’s dialed in, real, and repeatable. Using the Prime-scan™ from Dentsply Sirona makes this a very doable procedure for virtually anyone in the office. The key to the scanning is the use of liquid rubber dam material on the attached gingiva with what Dr. De Oliveira calls “squiggles.” This is the fiduciary marker that is used to orient the maxilla to the mandible so that the vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) is captured as well as the bite.

Figure 5: Using the manual orientation feature of the Primescan to show how the 2 scans become overlaid

The technique calls for the scanning of the treatment prosthesis — in this case, the upper- and lower-converted dentures. It involves the scanning of the bite and then the scanning of the upper and lower arches without the prosthesis in place but rather the multi-unit caps, which are the scan bodies.  The Primescan allows the alignment of these to reflect what is in the mouth.  We also scan the implants with the Imetric photogrammetry system to verify the implant positions. With this technique, we should be able to go from impression/scan to polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) and then to the final if all works out.

Figure 6: Delivered upper and lower PMMA arches fabricated in one visit from ProSmiles Dental Studio

Imagine a full-arch world where we can go from impressions, to PMMA, to final in three appointments with no wax. It’s here.  Thank you, Dr. August De Oliveira, for your willingness to share this.

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Justin D. Moody, DDS, DABOI, DICOI, is a Diplomate in the American Board of Oral Implantology, Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, Honored Fellow, Fellow and Associate Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and Adjunct Faculty at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. He is an internationally known speaker, founder of the New Horizon Dental Center (nonprofit clinic), and Director of Implant Education for Implant Pathway. You can reach him at


Disclosure: Dr. Moody does not have any affiliation with Dentsply Sirona. He is a paid consultant for ProSmiles Dental Studio.

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