Magix self-drilling implant — eliminating the traditional drilling sequence

Cortex Dental Implants

Bringing fully digital implant technology to the U.S. market

Cortex may not be a household name yet in the United States, but with the recent launch of Cortex USA, that appears likely to change this year. As a global leader in fully digital implant technology, the company, founded by a multinational consortium of dentists, surgeons, and engineers, combines innovative implant designs with a digital interface that takes the guesswork out of planning and placing implants.

The result is the ability to plan and place more implants, even in difficult cases, with the confidence that the surgery will be a success. Cortex’s innovative tools and fully digital implant planning platform are part of the reason why it has established a strong foothold and sizable share in emergent markets around the world, and why in some regions, up to 90% of general dentists now offer in-house dental implant options to their patients.

Having long been a favorite implant solution among dentists globally, as the firm enters the U.S. market, American dentists are now beginning to experience the speed and security that comes from implementing Cortex digital-guided surgery in their practice.

Figure 1: Dr. Eric Block performing implant surgery with Magix by Cortex

Engineering innovation improves outcomes

Cortex manufactures all of its titanium implants and components in its 40,000-square-foot facility in Israel, which also serves as an international digital lab and training center. Cortex holds multiple patents for its unique and proprietary implant designs. In a series of force and torque tests performed by faculty at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Cortex’s patented conical connection showed no microgap between the implant and the abutment. This bold design approach has resulted in superior, long-lasting solutions built on a strong heritage of innovation and excellence.

Figure 2: Cortex Zero MicroGap Conical Connection (left) and Magix™ self-drilling implant (right)

Cortex has also recently introduced the Magix™ self-drilling implant to global markets. Because Magix is self-drilling and self-tapping, it eliminates most of the traditional drilling sequence and can be hand-threaded almost all the way to final placement —  conserving bone and reducing site trauma. The result is a faster, safer procedure that has proven to reduce postoperative complications and to ensure superior osseointegration. Magix is especially well-suited to patients who may have been delaying necessary treatment due to high-dental and -drill anxiety or in situations where a more complex procedure can be avoided because of its versatile body design and narrow apex.

FIgure 3: Cortex fully digital case planning for guided implant surgery

A fully digital workflow yields improved outcomes in less time

Cortex boasts a fully digital implant-planning platform. From the first digital scan to the final placement, dentists can work in real-time with an in-house clinical staff and laboratory team to plan each and every Cortex implant case. AI-driven insights then reference thousands of similar cases performed worldwide, in order to assure the best patient outcomes.

Figure 4: Cortex digital implant planning

This end-to-end, integrated digital workflow, supported by a team of experts, ensures that guided surgery with Cortex succeeds in diverse settings and patient groups, while reducing chairside procedural time by almost 50% versus other platforms.

Figure 5

An American footprint for a global firm

The company’s new U.S.-based sales network and marketing team continues to expand, with representatives and clinical partners located in multiple markets, and a New Jersey-based customer care center. Thanks to careful inventory management and close coordination with a world-class supply chain team, Cortex USA has been able to avoid most typical supply interruptions and price increases even during a global pandemic.

Figure 6: Cortex Surgical Guide

Leaning into this time of uncertainty, the company launched its American subsidiary with a new kind of business model in mind and with a focus on providing eye-level support, expert clinical guidance, and cutting-edge digital resources to U.S. dental teams that want to enhance their skills and elevate their practice.

Meet the Cortex mentors

Cortex USA insists that they do not work with “key opinion leaders,” in the most traditional sense. Rather, they have partnered with a growing roster of impressive clinical experts, who share the company’s vision and all serve on the team as on-call mentors for Cortex users. A group of resident clinical experts and network of digital lab partners assist in planning every Cortex case with a unique set of checks and balances navigating the entire work flow.

Eric Block, DMD, CAGS, FICOI, The Stress-Free Dentist

As the owner of Acton Dental Associates in Acton, Massachusetts, and author of the recently released book, The Stress-Free Dentist, Dr. Block has devoted his life to helping his peers overcome their stress, avoid burnout, and learn to enjoy everything that makes dentistry great. Dr. Block soon found that both his patients’ response to Magix and the ease and assurance in using guided surgery by Cortex to be a natural match for his stress-free approach.

“When I use Magix, my patients are less stressed out about the surgery, and that makes the surgery more relaxing for me. The Cortex system is very unintimidating, and I plan everything I need digitally, including my surgical guide, which I print in the office overnight. That means there’s less time in the chair, way faster healing, and a completely next-level patient satisfaction with Cortex than with other systems. It’s great to see offices go from burnt-out to excited about Magix — most of them usually ask me to do another case with them right away.”

Figure 7: Dr. Eric Block
Arturo Zarzar, DDS, MS, FAAIP, MAAIP, the International Educator

Dr. Zarzar was born to teach, and he leads with both a genuine interest in his students and a strong passion for making a difference by helping to improve the quality of life for the underserved and under-privileged. As the founder and director of the international Camarlengo Dental Institute (CDI), he’s taught hundreds of dentists around the world in live surgery and implant placement techniques. The 2022 CDI international live surgery training program will focus exclusively on Cortex digital
case planning.

“I have seen implant dentistry change lives,” Dr. Zarzar says. “It’s a wonderful feeling to empower dental teams and to help them bring such joy to their own communities through their work. Cortex guided surgery helps quickly accelerate that learning curve with a high level of confidence and competence. It’s the absolute best system I have used so far that can speak to a very wide range of users, both novice and expert alike. Simply put, the Cortex platform helps them become better dentists and prepares them for the future of standard care, which is fully digital case planning.”

Figure 8: Dr. Arturo Zarzar

Versatile enough for experts, reliable enough for novices

Dr. Zarzar won’t train students using Magix until they’ve had the chance to learn with other implant systems. Why? “It’s too easy to use,” he explains. “I want them to learn how to do implants the conventional, harder way before they dive into a simpler, anatomic-biophysiological-maxillary friendly approach. It’s like how you teach people to use a conventional typewriter before you give them a computer. A dentist must first dominate the basics before starting with digital dentistry.”

This combination of versatility and reliability is what makes Cortex an ideal product line for a busy, general dentistry practice.  Even the most complex cases can now receive implant treatment in an office they know from a dentist they trust. Meanwhile, general dentists can place implants secure in the knowledge that their work will be precise and long-lasting.

“This is a different experience altogether for most dental implant teams,” affirms David Howlett, vice president of sales and marketing for the new Cortex USA business unit. “Cortex delivers a seamless, one-on-one support model that combines an advanced digital platform with real-time expert guidance, made available to all users. It meets an urgent need for dental practices that wish to accelerate their individual skill-building and to enhance their overall level of patient care, using globally-engineered solutions.”

Expanding upon its already impressive product portfolio, Cortex will introduce a new branded intraoral scanner to global markets in late 2021, followed by an updated global AI reference library to provide virtual assistance and recommendations for every implant case. Cortex also has plans to break ground on multiple branded implant training facilities in the U.S.

For more information about Cortex USA, call toll-free 866-GO-CORTEX, or email [email protected].

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