Bien-Air is enabling dental surgeries to make use of the iPad with a revolutionary system

A touch of Swiss genius

Bien-AirThe Swiss company Bien-Air is revolutionizing the dental industry. It has just launched a pioneering world first onto the market: iChiropro enables practitioners to control their implantology and surgery system using an iPad.

Long awaited but now finally available, this major innovation offers them unprecedented new functions which will simplify their work thanks to a more intuitive approach and a control system with a perfectly ergonomic design.

This is a stroke of genius for Bien-Air, located in Bienne at the heart of the Swiss Watch Valley. It is the first company to develop and manufacture such a system. It has already impressed the biggest players: In fact, iChiropro has just been chosen by the world’s second biggest dental implant maker, Nobel Biocare.

iChiropro is the newest trend in dental surgeries across the globe.


This revolutionary system paves the way for a new generation of medical devices. It enables practitioners to improve levels of comfort, efficiency and also safety. Each procedure is automatically linked with the patient’s file which is integrated into the iPad control interface. iChiropro documents all of the operations performed, thereby ensuring constant and extremely rigorous monitoring of practitioners’ activity. Moreover, iChiropro enables multiple users to save their own settings. Finally, it is pre-programmed with the complete operating sequences from the largest implant manufacturers.

iChiropro is equipped with the technological innovations for which Bien-Air has become renowned: the MX-i LED micromotor with lifetime-lubricated and maintenance-free ceramic ball bearings, and the CA 20:1 L Micro-Series internal irrigation contra-angle, fitted with one of the smallest heads ever designed and a double LED system for uniform lighting.

A implantology and surgery system controlled using an iPad

iChiropro: bringing simplicity to implantology. It has brand new practical functions, and offers a level of usability never before experienced. The iChiropro interface integrates all of the patient file data and enables ten practitioners to save their own settings and information. The intuitive control system considerably improves the ergonomics and efficiency.

This all-in-one high-performance solution surpasses anything already on the market.

On the interface screen, the practitioner can control the speed, torque, irrigation and luminosity. For quick and effective use, it has the complete pre-programmed operating sequences and predefined settings for 7 of the biggest implant manufacturers and these settings can be modified with the swipe of a finger. You can also save your own user settings at any time, according to your preferences.

It is the only device which allows users to save, export and print all of the parameters for an operation whilst linking these with the patient’s data and the implants used. In the event of a dispute with a patient, iChiropro can immediately provide all of the documentary evidence necessary.

iChiropro also enables emails to be sent directly from the interface. It benefits from an on-line user manual, news, Bien-Air product catalogue and web TV.

Thanks to the iPad, practitioners can control the system in the same way as all the other systems equipped with touchscreen displays that they use on a daily basis. Gone are the days where a high-tech surgery is equipped with old generation control screens. Practitioners can now use the “must have” control system! It offers a high degree of clarity and state-of-the-art modern technology, thanks to the best tool in the field: the iPad.

Available free of charge from the Apple App Store, the iChiropro and iChiropro Surgery applications open up a world of customisation options. New practical and innovative functions will be added regularly to further enhance the performance levels of the system.

The Chiropro L by Bien-Air was already a market leader. The iChiropro will follow in its footsteps, equipped with technologies for which the Swiss company has become renowned. It can be supplied with:

  • MX-i LED micromotor with maintenance-free ceramic ball bearings which are lubricated for life. Its high torque -at both high and low speeds -offers unrivalled working comfort.
  • The CA 20:1 L Micro-Series contra-angle, the solution for smooth and efficient operations with an irrigation system inside the instrument, is fitted with one of the smallest heads ever designed and a double LED system for uniform lighting regardless of the speed of rotation.
  • The PM 1:2 straight handpiece has been designed to withstand the considerable stresses resulting from repeated lateral pressure, while maintaining exceptional precision. Speed, comfort and precision guaranteed.


iChiropro is the essential device for modern practitioners! It is designed for practitioners who are looking for greater comfort at work, who want to get the best performance from their facilities and who are keen to save time.

Practitioners from across the world have collectively expressed their interest and were very enthusiastic when the prototypes of this new implantology system were presented. Many of them described it as “indispensable”!

In summary

  • Multiple users with storage of individual settings.
  • Integrated patient file on the iPad control interface.
  • Complete pre-programmed operations from the largest implant manufacturers.
  • Operation data stored in the form of graphics and tables, attached to the patient file.
  • Save and export operation parameters whilst documenting them with the patient data.
  • New functions which can be added at any time by updating the application available on the Apple App Store for free.
  • The most reliable high-performance micromotor on the market.


Clinical advantages

  • Simple to use, the intuitive, ergonomic application ensures significant time savings during operations.
  • Easy to handle. Users operate and adjust the settings on the iChiropro using the iPad’s touchscreen display and our attractive and ergonomically-designed bespoke application.
  • LED lighting for constant intensity, regardless of the rotation speed.
  • Natural light giving a realistic representation of the dentine, pulp or gingiva.
  • Ingenious and exclusive peristaltic pump.


Business advantages

  • Pre-programmed parameters. If necessary, the operation parameters can be pre-programmed outside the practice and used several times, saving a great deal of time.
  • Time saved on administration tasks as soon as the operation is complete, the documentation page for the operation is updated with very clear graphics and tables. It is directly linked to the patient file. The report is both accurate and detailed and the practitioner can export it in pdf format. It can then be emailed immediately, if desired, using the mail application available in the interface. This function also enables a considerable amount of time to be saved in the event of a dispute. In fact, it is not necessary to prepare a file: it is already available and allows practitioners to prove that they have followed the recommendations of implant manufacturers and to respect the rules of their profession.


An approved and sound system

The iChiropro has been successfully approved. The iPad has a control interface function. The motor and its various peripherals are controlled by the system’s electronics. It is also possible to apply a sterile film to the touchscreen display.

The company

Bien-Air pushes the boundaries of innovation

Bien-Air, a leader in the manufacture of micromotors, has been active in the field of implantology and surgery for many years. After developing several systems, the company wanted to push the boundaries of innovation with a revolutionary concept.

iChiropro stands head and shoulders above its competitors thanks to its system which offers incomparable levels of performance.

These are just the first steps for the company: over the coming years, it is going to maintain its high-end positioning and the excellent quality level of its products, consolidate its “Swiss Made” image and continue to surprise everyone by focussing on innovative and high-tech developments, with the ultimate goal of simplifying practitioners’ work.

Contact Bien-Air : Damien Frochaux – V. P. Business Development –

Marco Gallina – V. P. Product Management –

Phone : +41 32 344 64 64 Downloads : Presentation video, flyers and picture : More information :


– The company director, Edgar Schönbächler, shares his vision of Bien-Air –


“Accuracy and quality are part of the DNA of this region”

With iChiropro, you have just launched a revolutionary system onto the market. What was the vision behind this move?

We wanted to offer a implantology and surgery system with entirely new functions which would help simplify practitioners’ lives. We are offering a versatile system, which can be adapted to the specific requirements of each practitioner. Just as the iPad offers its users a new experience, we are doing the same with iChiropro.

How will the lives of practitioners change?

iChiropro will radically change their work flow. Not only does it have the best performing motor on the market, it is also a tool which enables them to dedicate their time to the most important tasks by automating the “cumbersome” processes relating to operations. In fact, they will no longer need to modify parameters during operations, nor worry about documenting their work as this task will automatically be performed by our system. Furthermore, the beauty and high quality of the product help build the relationship of trust between the dentist and patient. It design fits perfectly into modern dental surgeries.

What is your company’s philosophy?

Since our inception in 1959, we have always wanted to design and produce the best instruments, to facilitate the work of practitioners and improve patient comfort. We specialise in rotary instruments and, because the scale of our business is still quite intimate, we know our customers extremely well. Therefore we are able to meet their needs better than any other company. This means that we can design our products to be integrated into increasingly complex dental surgeries, where digital technology is becoming ever more prominent.

Which instruments and technologies have made your company successful?

Everything began with the creation and commercialisation of the very first reliable turbine. The products we have marketed have become symbols of quality for practitioners: whether that be the Gyro air turbine, MC1, MC2 and MC3 micromotors, Chiropro technology… our values have remained the same over the years: passion, innovation, precision, commitment. We can now rely on over 50 years of tradition and innovation.

Your activity takes place in the heart of Watch Valley, which is the birthplace of the “Swiss Made” reputation: what influence does this region have on your business?

Accuracy and quality are part of the DNA of this region. Our employees have been raised and trained in this culture of excellence and reliability. These requirements are very demanding: this is how we can guarantee that we will always be one step ahead of our competitors. In this region, we also benefit from training centres of exceptional high quality thanks to the watchmaking industry, whose influence extends across the culture of the entire region. To keep our employees up to standard, we also run our own training sessions.

You have just made huge progress in implantology and surgery. How do you view the future of your company?

We plan to carry on doing what we already know how to do better than all of our competitors and to adapt our products to the real-life situations of present day dental surgeries. We will continue to develop solutions and systems with the same vision: offering innovative products which always provide a benefit for both the user and the patient.

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