Better. Simpler. Stronger.

The next generation of LOCATOR® is here: introducing the LOCATOR R-Tx™ Removable Attachment System

LOCATOR R-Tx™, is a better, simpler, and stronger system that relies on the same restorative techniques as the award-winning LOCATOR.

ProductProfile_Zest_locatorAt ZEST Anchors, we proudly claim a 40-year heritage of overdenture attachment innovation. Over the past decade and a half, the LOCATOR Attachment System has grown dramatically, evolving into the un-
disputed market leader for implant-retained, tissue-supported overdenture attachments and trusted by the industry, the clinician community, and patients alike.

In keeping with our innovative spirit, ZEST has continued to refine and even reimagine LOCATOR. We started by listening to you, the influential specialists, clinicians, and manufacturers. Then our engineers put those ideas to the test and into real application.

Welcome to LOCATOR R-Tx — evolutionary design with practical benefits.

New DuraTec™ coating
DuraTec™ Titanium Carbon Nitride Coating is esthetic, harder, and more wear resistant. DuraTec is composed of multiple layers of titanium nitride and titanium carbon nitride, achieving increased strength, wear resistance, and reduction in roughness.

New drive mechanism
Industry standard .050″/1.25mm* hex drive mechanism simplifies placement. Smaller center cavity reduces area for food and plaque accumulation.

Easier denture seating with pivoting technology
Dual retentive enhancements to the Abutment and Nylon Retention Insert work in harmony with the redesigned Denture Attachment Housing to allow for a 50% increase in pivoting capability (60° between implants) and easier alignment and overdenture seating during insertion/removal for the patient.

Narrower coronal geometry
The dual-engaging geometry of the Abutment offers a narrower leading edge and taper-like effect to allow the patient to more easily align and properly seat the overdenture.

Practical denture attachment Housing design
Horizontal grooves and flats resist vertical and rotational movement, and a channel inside the top of the Housing enhances pivot range of motion. New pink anodization improves esthetics in areas of thin denture acrylic.


Efficient Abutment/Insert engagement
The Nylon Retention Inserts now engage dual retentive surfaces on the exterior of the Abutment. No internal engagement prevents debris and plaque accumulation within the drive mechanism from impacting proper seating.

New retention insert design
Improved design resists edge deformation. Simplicity is also top of mind — the system utilizes only one set of Retention Inserts with straightforward retention values — Zero, Low, Medium, High.

Convenient all-in-one packaging
Custom designed all-in-one, double-ended vial separately holds Abutment and Processing Components, providing all the necessary components for the case with one part number.


Custom retention insert tool
Dual-sided tool allows for easy insertion and removal of the LOCATOR R-Tx Retention Insert. Metal slot feature on the back of the tool allows the clinician to disengage a Retention Insert without the risk of tearing gloves.

This information was provided by Zest Anchors.

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