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Editor’s Intro: Through its week-long dental implant training in Phoenix, Affordable Dentures and Implants provides a team environment with some of the best faculty in the country while making a positive impact on people who would lack access to high-quality dental care.

Making a difference for patients in need through best-in-class implant training

A group of Practice Owners from Affordable Dentures & Implants listen to Dr. Jase Hackney, Practice Owner, Affordable Dentures & Implants in Tampa, Florida, during live implant training at Brighter Way Clinic in Phoenix. Dr. Hackney serves as a member of the faculty for the training course.

Affordable Dentures & Implants (AD&I) affiliated Practice Owners and their dental and lab teams have the opportunity to participate in a weeklong Implant Training program, offered through Affordable Care, at Brighter Way Dental Clinic in Phoenix.

The training, which is offered several times a year, provides a lecture and live surgery experience that focuses on team building and teaching the surgical and restorative elements of implant dentistry.

The patients treated in the program are patients of Brighter Way Dental Clinic, which provides comprehensive dental care to the underserved, including homeless individuals, military veterans — many who do not receive dental benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs — victims of domestic abuse, and immigrant parents of children treated at Brighter Way’s pediatric clinic. The downtown Phoenix dental clinic is located on the campus of one of the first centralized facilities in the United States that provides comprehensive shelter and supportive services for the homeless.

“Our Mission is front and center in this training program as we work to provide a team environment for AD&I-affiliated doctors and staff to learn from some of the best faculty in the country while making a positive impact in the lives of people who would not have access to high-quality dental care,” explains Jim Smyros, Senior Director of Operations, Implant Services, Affordable Care.

For practice ownership and career opportunities with Affordable Dentures & Implants, please visit or call 888.837.3033.

This information was provided by Affordable Care.

A Practice Owner’s Journey into Implants

Dr. Saba Khalil, Practice Owner, Affordable Dentures & Implants in St. Louis, Missouri, places his first implants during Affordable Care’s live implant training course at Brighter Way Clinic in Phoenix

After 30 years in private practice, Dr. Saba Khalil, Practice Owner of Affordable Dentures & Implants (AD&I) in St. Louis, Missouri, had a successful career in general dentistry. “I started out in a General Practice Residency at the VA Medical Center, and gained extensive surgery experience and proficiency with dentures because of the patient population,” explains Dr. Khalil. “Then I transitioned to treating sleep apnea patients, but during my years in private practice, I never received implant placement training.”

He adds, “I had the background in surgeries and dentures, but I wanted to also expand into implants.” Nearly a year ago, Dr. Khalil became a new AD&I Practice Owner and took his first Implant Training course through Affordable Care. Fast-forward to today: Implants are part of Dr. Khalil’s practice for the first time in his 30-plus years in dentistry.

“I now talk with patients routinely about implants, and patients ask me about implants as well,” explains Dr. Khalil. “Implants are a key part of my growing practice because of the benefit, demand, and affordability of implants in the AD&I network.”

He adds, “Implants have provided me with an energy and excitement to work harder than ever for my patients. Joining the AD&I network was the best decision I could have made.”

Learn about dental implant training while helping others!  To hear about a dentist who enjoys the Affordable Implants and Dentures experience each day, read about Dr. Ian Topelson in Implant Practice US.

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