Why Practice Values are on the Rise and How that Impacts You

Chip Fichtner, founder of Large Practice Sales will share with you his view of the current state of market consolidation during and after COVID-19.

Ridge Preservation Principles and Materials

The foundation of a successful implant practice is predictable ridge preservation. How does one select a treatment modality when there is such a nebulous array of materials and techniques? What is the appropriate healing time and closure technique?

Weave’s Dental Specialty Software Webinar

Weave’s Product Specialist, Mike Hague, will walk through how Weave’s software is giving offices all over the country to tools they need to manage their offices through unpredictability. No matter how much you modify the ways you interact with customers, deliver services, and secure revenue, Weave provides the flexibility for you to adapt and keep your business running.

Back to Basics: Rules of Business to Improve Your Dental Implant Practice

During this webinar presentation, the basic principles of owning and operating a successful dental implant practice will be discussed. Insight will be given about purposeful marketing strategies that will attract new patients and keep your practice thriving in a digital age.

On-Demand CE Webinar: Screw It In, Not Up.

This webinar is designed with the restorative dentist in mind. Focusing on analog and digital workflows for fabricating implant restorations, the goal is to deliver exactly what the lab needs to give you the results you want. Uncover some routine mistakes seen in the dental laboratory that compromise what the technician is able to deliver back to the dentist.

Carestream – Webinar

This webinar is given by a practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon. It involves the concept and workflow to utilize intraoral scanning to aid in planning implant cases.

Proceed Finance Webinar

Enjoy a presentation and question and answer with Dr. Moody and Lucy Lampon with patient based experience on how to implement Proceed Finance in your practice.

Proceed Finance

Learn about disruptive industry developments and the right patient finance solutions for your practice in this webinar.

A Completely Digital Workflow for in-office fabrication of surgical guides, appliances and models

Dentists can now leverage digital technology to increase efficiency and lower costs through a completely digital or hybrid workflow.

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